King’s Wellbeing is launching Take Time Out next week to help you keep sane during the exam period. There are tonnes of fun stuff to keep your mind focused, such as free yoga, smoothies and chill out spaces!

Make sure you head to the Take Time Out web pages to find more information about how to keep on top of your wellbeing. Remember, if things are getting too much you can always contact your Welfare Team to talk things through.

Here are our tips from the team:

Felicia Reynolds
RA at Angle Lane

  • Cooking new recipes with flatmates
  • Singing out loud karaoke style with friends (preferably 90s pop or Disney)
  • Mastering the art of British Tea making
  • Impromptu Latin Dance party
  • Express Spa: Nail painting session/ putting on a quick face mask
  • On the go spring cleaning/room organising
  • Mapping out concepts
  • Find YouTube videos to help simplify concepts
  • Use focus timer apps to ensure you’re spending time focusing on work but also have an embedded break (apps like Tide and Focus Keeper)


Elyse Langenegger
Marketing & Communications Manager

‘Running, making sure I still take the time to do my hobbies like music and netball and having someone I can just talk to to get the stress out in the open.’


Megan Taylor-Silva
Digital Engagement Officer

  • Make sure my work area is clean and clutter free!
  • Exercise, if I stop exercising I get more stressed
  • Get outdoors, go for a hike or bike ride
  • Get lots of sleep. I always find it’s tempting to stay up late, but it just means that I’m even less productive the next day
  • Drink water and teas (chamomile or blackcurrant is my favourite)
  • Change your workspace, work from a café with a giant mug of hot chocolate or coffee. Sometimes a change of scenery is beneficial.


Verdell Brookens-Capps
RA at Angle Lane

‘When I’m inside writing all day and the weather is nice (the sun is out), I like to go outside into the fresh air for 5 minutes, take slow deep breaths and enjoy the moment.

If the weather is not so good, I try to take small breaks where I walk around my building; make a snack and take long deep breaths.

Other things I do when I’m super overwhelmed and at a breaking point to meet a deadline is, remove myself from my working station. Take some paper and markers and write positive affirmative statements “You got this boo!”,  “You are intelligent”, “You are an overcomer”,   “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”, “Masters of TESOL graduate” “ You are doing this!”, “You are strong”, “You’re an inspiration”.’


Stephanie Edmalin-Torio
Receptionist Wolfson House

  • Listen to worship music to keep me calm
  • I would sometimes write down why I am stressed out, I believe it helps me let the stress out by writing them out.
  • If I was really stressed out, I would sometimes train on my punching bag and let the frustration out.