I ❤ King’s: Moonraker Point

Post contributed by Adriana T.  She is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying German.

SE1 0FN – Your new postcode. By the time you are reading this, these six digits will not mean much to you but in a few weeks, you will know them by heart and they will be your new home. Moonraker Point is a hugely popular residence, not only due to its proximity to Guy’s Campus (Medicine) and Strand Campus (Arts and Humanities) but also thanks to the outstanding facilities, the views and the communal atmosphere. The greatest asset of the Student life at Moonraker Point is the big common room, including a pool table, ping pong and a big TV (and yes, there is Netflix). What I personally like most about the space is its diversity. Walk in at any time of day or night and you can find students studying, eating, watching TV, playing pool and even doing pre-drinks and parties on the Weekend. Twice a week, the common room is used for our very own #resilife events. Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will find your CFs and RAs amongst the other students. Tuesday is always the time for tea and biscuits, where the atmosphere will be quite relaxed and everyone is unwinding over a cuppa. Thursdays, on the other hand, the common room might get messy as we get artsy and creative. What started out as ‘Art night’ has evolved into a creative hub with activities ranging from crafting, painting to designing mugs and T-shirts. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere while being inspired by your new life in London, your university and maybe even your new home. Hint: your artwork makes amazing and cheap decorations for your flat!

When talking about flats, I should mention some of the key facts surrounding Moonraker Point. If you do not have a studio, you will be living on average with 3 to 6 other students in one flat, sharing a kitchen and hallway but you do have your own bathroom in your room. This 9 square meter space will be completely your own. Fully equipped with desk, bed and wardrobe, you will not be missing anything. Although, please do remember that you will need to bring your own bedding, towel and hangers. There will be plenty of information online closer to time, so do not worry about the practicalities too much.

Living with other like-minded young adults might sound like a dream to some but it can also be a bit of a daunting prospect and I felt no different when I first arrived at Moonraker. But let me assure you that Moonraker offers one of the friendliest and most inclusive communities you will find. There is a sufficient support network in place to ensure that you will have a good time during your stay. A 24-hour reception is there for any urgent or non-urgent matters and queries and they are always happy to chat to you about anything. Why not pop down for a chat once you settled in? They love to get to know their residents better. Moonraker also offers a team of fully-trained RAs and CFs who will introduce you to your new residence, your neighborhood and will always have an open ear. Keep an eye out for their red jumpers and do not hesitate to ask them for advice or what’s on at the next art night!

I ❤ King’s: Living at Moonraker Point

Post contributed by Elisabeth M. She is an undergraduate student at King’s, in the department of War Studies.

Living in Moonraker Point means being part of one of the most social and vibrant student accommodations in London. One of the things I love most about the Moonraker community is that there is always something going on. Whether you feel like going to one of the many Resilife events hosted throughout the week, just chilling in the common room or exploring the lively Southwark neighbourhood with your fellow residents, you will always be spoiled for choice. This is what makes Moonraker Point a truly unique place to live. And for those who prefer a more relaxing night to themselves, the rooms at Moonraker Point are incredibly spacious and all ensuite, so they provide the perfect retreat for busy students living in a busy city.

The accommodation not only offers shared flats that range from four to twelve people, but also private studios. Shared flats are the perfect way to meet other residents and co-habitate with a diverse group of fellow King’s students. For those looking for a quieter living situation, studios provide the perfect option, with spacious rooms that include fully equipped private kitchens.  So whatever living situation you might be looking for, Moonraker Point has got you covered. In addition to this, Moonraker Point offers some really incredible facilities, including a common room with pool and ping-pong tables, as well as free Netflix for those craving a relaxing night in. So whatever you might be looking for, Moonraker Point has the facilities to satisfy any taste or mood. Keen on a fun night in with your flatmates? Most of Moonraker Point’s shared flat kitchens have balconies with some of the most amazing views in London.

So you can spend the evening relaxing and chilling with your flatmates and fellow residents while you take in breath-taking views of the London Eye, the Shard and the Tate Modern. Or what about if you’re looking to meet new people around your halls of residence? There are always events going during the week, including Tea Tox, Art Night and weekly Saturday outings around London. These events are a great way to bring together the Moonraker community and meet new people. In addition to these weekly events, there is always a huge event that takes place every month. These include game nights, parties in the common room, free food and potlucks. So it really means that everyone is involved in the Moonraker community, which easily makes it one of the most vibrant and social residence communities at King’s. All in all, Moonraker Point really is a unique place to live, with such an incredible and diverse community that will immediately make you feel like you have found your home away from home.


Moonraker Point and its Neighbourhood  

One of the most unique and exciting parts about living in Moonraker Point is the vibrant and historic Southwark neighbourhood, which you will be at the centre of. As one of the oldest boroughs in London, Southwark offers its residents a unique London living experience. Of course, one of the perks of living at Moonraker is its proximity to the various King’s campuses; the residence is situated within a 10-minute walk from King’s Waterloo campus, a 15-minute walk from the Guy’s campus and a 20-minute walk from the Strand campus. Beyond this, however, the area is home to some of London’s most iconic landmarks, with some of the city’s most famous bridges, buildings and museums located just outside your doorstep. Follow me, as I describe some of my favourite spots in Southwark and reveal some secret and lesser-known hangouts in the area.

Start your day with a relaxing brunch at the Table Café, which is tucked away on Southwark Street. It offers a legendary brunch menu that can satisfy any craving. Whether you are craving a traditional full English breakfast or something a bit more unconventional like a brunch burger topped with pork, beetroot, egg, sour cream and avocado sauce, the Table Café offers pretty much anything to satisfy your hunger. Next, spend the day exploring some of the iconic buildings and museums that you will find around your neighbourhood. An absolute must-see for anyone living in the area is the Tate Modern, which is only a short 10-minute walk from Moonraker Point. Soak in some modern art and unique, awe-inspiring exhibitions. Before heading off, make sure to check out the incredible view you have from the top floor, in order to really get the full experience. After this, head towards the Shakespeare Globe Theatre to the catch a show or just explore this historic landmark. Here you can discover some of the Southwark area’s rich and vibrant history. Located right next door is The Swan, one of London’s most famous pubs. This is perfect for those craving a traditional fish and chips lunch or a pint with enviable full views of the Thames. Alternatively, you could stroll along the Thames and head to the bustling Borough Market to experience London’s most renowned food and drink market. Wander around and discover the diverse range of foods from all around the world. This spot is perfect for hungry students looking for reasonably priced food and a truly adventurous culinary experience. One of my favorite dishes here and a must-try for anyone visiting Borough Market are the Thai coconut pancakes. Let your busy day in Southwark come to an end by walking along the Southbank promenade. Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of London and experience a Bank side sunset that illuminates the city and the river with a golden hue. This is one of my favorite London moments and being at the heart of it all makes living at Moonraker Point so incredibly unique.




I ❤ King’s: Atlas (new Residence)

Post contributed by Tanya. She is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying Law.

Hi, I am Tanya, a second year Law LLB student. I was a Community Facilitator and a resident of Atlas. Atlas is one of the newest King’s accommodations for both undergraduates and postgraduates. It has been a jovial and dynamic experience living at Atlas. The residence is in the newly upcoming neighbourhood of Vauxhall and is five minutes away from the Victoria bus/ tube station. One of the perks of living in this area is its connectivity to central London and the university campuses. The building accommodates around five hundred students coming from different countries and backgrounds and enthusiastic to befriend people and make the most of the London attractions.

The management team and the people at the reception are very amiable and helpful. They are easy to approach and make an effort to know almost everyone in the residence. If you have any issues or queries they are the first post of call who can solve your problems efficiently! The other advantage of living at a King’s residence is the King’s ResiLife programme which at its core is aimed to facilitate the adjustment of students in university life, providing an inclusive and engaged community. There are student-led weekly events for all to enjoy, relieve stress and make new friends. There are excursions and trips to London attractions every Saturday. There are large residence wide events cater to the multitude of festivals of all cultures like Christmas, Eid, Holi, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Easter and the list goes on. What I found unique to Atlas was that it has its own swimming pool and gym with the services provided at a heavily discounted rate to King’s students. I’ll recommend everyone to make the most of it. There are various sessions in collaboration with King’s BeActive programme where you can take part in classes such as Yoga, Pilates etc. Atlas has some fantastically furnished communal places such as a study room with free printers, a common kitchen room for lavish dinners, pool tables and a media room just in case you don’t feel like going to a cinema. There are two-rooftops where we have hosted an induction and a year-end barbeque for all the residents. Atlas has great security and basic amenities such as cycle storage, laundry machines, and postage boxes.

It has been a blast living at Atlas and the ResiLife team goes an extra mile to support everyone!

Vauxhall – Neighbourhood

Atlas is not only a self-sufficient residence but is also situated in the best locality you could ask for. There is a Vauxhall park opposite the building where films are screened in the summer time, the Vauxhall comedy club, rock climbing facilities, and for someone like me who is interested in dancing, a ballet school as well. For all the art lovers, Tate Britain is just 10 minutes of walk away from the accommodation. Various other London attractions nearby are the MI6 building, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye, Winter Wonderland, and the Natural History museum- all within a reach of less than thirty minutes! Vauxhall has its own food market where students, residents and tourists enjoy spending quality time on a weekend. From various gourmet food restaurants to the classic Nando’s, the market has it all. For all the cricket fans, the renowned Oval stadium is a 10 mins on foot from the resident and this year was particularly buzzing because of the World Cup. To the surprise of all, there is a city farm amidst the hustle bustle of London and a great way to relax and ride horses. If you desire to have a riverside dinner, then Albert Embankment is a stone’s throw from the building with an attached dockside restaurant. Vauxhall is rightly situated for the students to enjoy not only what it has to offer, but also what the rest of the London has to offer!

I ❤ King’s: Living at Vauxhall

Post contributed by Valentina M. She is an undergraduate student at King’s, in the department of History.

The new Vauxhall residence is the perfect place for any new King’s student. The building has 30 residential floors, with some breathtaking views of London. Hardwood floors, brand new bathrooms, and a large double bed and floor-to-ceiling windows are just some of the great features of this building. There is lots of storage space for students to comfortably move in, the kitchens are brand new and they have two ovens, two stove hobs, and two sinks for the students to use—which means fighting your flat mates for space. There is also a large dining table for flat dinner parties or to invite your friends over and cook, and large windows overlooking the American embassy and the Themes. The common room upstairs on the 31st floor is open to all students to hang out on the comfortable couches, play ping pong, and enjoy the giant projector to watch movies at night. There is also a TV room with two televisions that can be used to play video games, watch Netflix, or amazon prime. There are two balconies in the building, one on the fourth floor and one on the 31st floor, and both are great places to hang out outside in the rare occasion that London is sunny and students wish to study outside, especially around exams. There is also an indoor study space for students, with tables, couches, and charging ports as well. Other amenities in the building include free printing, a laundry room on the 15th floor, a meeting space on the second floor, and a bike room that allows students to rent bikes for free. The building staff is extremely friendly and willing to help students whenever there is a problem with one of the rooms, and building maintenance fixes problems quickly. The Vauxhall residence will become your new home quickly and is well-equipped to handle any problems that arise in your first year.

The location of the Vauxhall residence is ideal for any new student looking to explore London. Its proximity to a well-serviced bus station, tube station with access to the Victoria Line, and a train station is perfect to get around the city quickly and easily. There is a bus that goes directly from the entrance of Strand campus to down the street from the Vauxhall residence in 40 minutes, passing through Trafalgar Square and Westminster, and is perfect for King’s students who are looking for an easy (and scenic!) commute. The usefulness of the Victoria Line to get around London cannot be overestimated. It is one of the more efficient tube lines, with consistent trains coming in every 2-3 minutes that run all night Fridays and Saturdays, and easily connects to the Northern, Jubilee, and Piccadilly lines. It’s also easy to get to Gatwick and Heathrow, for the students who are going to be traveling a lot during their time in university from Vauxhall. Other features of the Vauxhall area are the closeness to various gyms, a large Sainsbury’s, and a big park that’s perfect for studying. It’s closeness to the river makes for some gorgeous riverside walks and runs towards Westminster, especially during fall and spring evenings as the sun sets. There are also a lot of cool restaurants in this area, including a great Jamaican restaurant, and an Indian restaurant, for fun dinners out with friends. There are also plenty of pubs nearby for relaxed nights out, and they are perfect for watching Six Nations with friends and support your team. For students interested in the more cultural aspects of London, Vauxhall is near the Tate British museum, which exhibits international modern and contemporary art. There are a ton of great attractions in and around Vauxhall that make this residence the perfect location for any new student to London that is looking forward to exploring central London.


I ❤ King’s: Atlas

Post contributed by William C.  He is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying Medical Education.

Atlas, no not the titan holding up the sky, but an accommodation that adds to the London skyline as it too stretches upwards towards the heavens. It’s 31 floors providing views that are unparalleled in some of London’s most expensive locales. The 31st floor roof terrace is a great place to take in this vista and on a sunny day there is nothing more pleasant than sitting and taking in London’s vibrancy from a bird’s eyes perspective. If you are afraid of heights, then do not fear as there is a more expansive terrace only four floors up. Equipped with lounging areas and enough plants to keep an aspiring botanist content.

Atlas’ charm is not just restricted to outside space- indeed some of its most impressive offerings can be found within! The third and fourth floors are dedicated to communal space and if you are looking for a place to watch a movie go no further. The third floor boasts a media room equipped with no less than three 60inch televisions, that you can watch to your hearts content. There are a plethora of bean bags and sofas to accommodate a modest horde and if you more of a gamer there is a PS4 you can borrow from the lovely reception team. If you are a more studious individual, then just adjacent to the media room is a more than spacious study room. Within these walls you can find an environment of ample study spaces, chairs and tables: which you can sprawl out upon when exam season hits.

If you are in the mood for food, then look no further than one floor above. The communal kitchen, which you can book out in advance, allows you to host the dinner party you have always dreamed about. There is space around the table for more than 12 people to sit comfortably and enough counter space to allow you to whip up a three-course meal that would make the MasterChef kitchen proud. The proverbial ‘if it’s too hot get out of the kitchen’ has been taken in to account in the design of the building. So that if the kitchen becomes too sweltering you can nip through the door straight out onto the terrace. After sated from your exploits in the kitchen and needing an activity to keep your guests entertained, then there are two pool tables that can be commandeered. Regular exercise is something that we should all undertake and just beneath the building lies the solution to our problem.

There is a state-of-the-art gym that holds regular classes and includes a swimming pool, sauna and steam room (It is important to note that this is not included in the price of the accommodation). Vauxhall has amazing transport links to the rest of the city and Atlas is just a stone’s throw from the tube and over ground station, indeed the tracks go right past the windows.


Situated just south of the river it is only a 25-minute walk to Waterloo and Westminster. So, in just 25 minutes you can be outside the houses of parliament or taking snaps in front of the London Eye. Vauxhall is one of London’s most up and coming areas and if you blink for a second another development or skyscraper appears before your eyes. Vauxhalls greatest strength is its connections. It has a major bus terminal, Overground station and Underground station. These transport links allow you to get across London with ease and gets you to Strand, Waterloo and Guys campuses all in less than half an hour. It is not just transport that makes this area so popular, as there are a range of parks and pleasure gardens for any rare sunny days. One of the most popular places is Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens where you can lose yourself among the shrubs and hedgerows. Just next door to the Gardens is a rare sight indeed- A farm situated in the heart of London amidst the sky scrapers and high rises! So, if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill why not head on over and interact with all manner of friendly creatures at Vauxhall City Farm.


Like most of London, Vauxhall has a vast array of pubs and bars and if you fancy a pint in the sun look no further than the Black Dog, which sits on the edge of the pleasure gardens. A free comedy club has recently opened underneath the railway arches and hosts an amazing variety of up and coming comedians. Just next door a street food market has popped up serving delicious foods from all over the world. Both the comedy club and market are the first in the line of a long list of new additions to the area. If comedy isn’t so much your thing then you can turn your hand to axe throwing at Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing. This place is amazingly good fun and surprisingly difficult. You can order drinks while you throw and if you come in a big group can get discounts on the price. If you are a fellow climbing enthusiast, then Vauxhall has a lovely bouldering wall right next to the station. VauxWall climbing centre isn’t the largest but the staff are lovely and if you go a couple of times a week the member ship is worthwhile and good value. Watch out though as it is worryingly addictive. If you are a night owl and enjoy the odd club then Vauxhall has a very varied scene. Light box and Fire are just some of the numerous clubs springing up below the railway arches. Afterwards, if all that dancing has worked up a hunger you always be able to buy a hotdog from just outside the station. Vauxhall has a lot to offer and it is just a case of exploring all the options. If you can’t find what you’re looking in Vauxhall, then the connections it provides allows you to have London at your fingertips.

I ❤ King’s: Vauxhall

Post contributed by Madeline O. She is a postgraduate at King’s, studying Psychosis. 

King’s and Urbanest’s brand new residence as of 2018 is my favorite hall because of its central location, the quality and spaciousness of its common room, personal rooms, kitchens, the supportive staff, the programming and wellbeing promoted by Resilife and BeActive fitness instructors.

The common room which I shall classify as the “common floor” on the 31st floor is my favorite part of the building because of its views comparable to the Sky Garden, the plethora of surfaces and furniture for many different functions, an outside terrace, two t.v.s with playstation, and a ping pong table to boot. Resilife events are all hosted on this floor and usually get good turnout. Teatox on Tuesdays, Art Night on Thursdays, Saturday Night Ins, monthly events as well as BeActive exercise classes such as Swing Train and yoga were all located on the common floor. P.S. Urbanest hires appreciated cleaning staff after events, so the area is always clean the next morning.

My second favorite place is my room. While studios and ensuites are extremely spacious and convenient, in my opinion the best bargain is the private room because of the amount of space you get at the lowest price, the views, and you only have to share a bathroom with one person and get easy access to a second smaller kitchen.

The kitchens on every floor are one of the nicest parts of the building with brand new stoves, stone countertops, and my favorite part, a powerful dish washer. Request from your community facilitators to plan a Great Floor Bakeoff!

For studying, Vauxhall has a great study area on the first floor just minutes away versus the 30 minute bus ride to Maughan Library. You’ll find many small stalls where you can be work and be productive independently, as well as larger stalls where you can have group study. Sometimes this area can get a little noisy, and I resort to studying on the 31st. It’s my secret spot, don’t tell! Both Urbanest staff and the Resilife Vauxhall team (excluding myself) are the reasons why I and hopefully many students have enjoyed Vauxhall so much. My Urbanest staff went out of their way to address my needs regarding the building, but also to befriend me and all the residents. Both Resilife and Urbanest put on great parties and events, so there is always something going on in the residence. As a mental health masters student, it is important for me to mention the wardens. I can say from personal experience, they are approachable, confidential, and a way for you to get immediate help for your mental health and wellbeing.

Vauxhall is a thriving city and one of best choices for you if you have classes on multiple campuses due to its ease of transportation and centrality. As applicable to its name, Vauxhall means “large railway station”. It is home of the British car company, Vauxhall Motors, the legendary Pleasure Gardens, and now a thriving LGBTQA community.

There are so many things to do in Vauxhall including spending time in its two parks, rock climbing, attending shows at the fringe theatre Above the Stag, going clubbing, and hanging out at bars, and eating at  a diverse arrangement of restaurants.

My favorite past-time in Vauxhall is to visit the Vauxhall City farm located in Vauxhall’s Pleasure Garden. It is a charitable organization that teaches youth about animal care and horticulture as well as riding lessons for the disabled. The farm has horses, donkeys, llamas, sheep, goats, rabbits, chicken, turkeys, birds, chinchillas, ferrets, and a turtle, as well as a garden active during the summer. Best part is you can feed the animals! Great Restaurants are right outside your Vauxhall residence. There are Ethiopian, Indian, one Italian Deli, Latin American restaurants, you name it. My all-time favorite restaurant in Vauxhall is the Tea House Theatre located in the Pleasure Gardens. Here you can have the proper high tea experience for a very reasonable price (high tea for two at £25).  However, for dinner, I highly recommend the Tia Maria Kitchen if you enjoy good Brazilian dishes and clubbing on Friday and Saturdays. Every Friday there is a latin dance class for £5.

Grocery shopping has never been easier. There is a Sainsbury’s about 3 minutes from the residence. Inside Sainsbury’s is a Argos to buy any dorm supplies you might need, and a Starbucks if you miss it from home. If you tube more, a small Tesco is right next to the tube exit. If you bus, the local Waitrose or Sainsbury’s is a stop away. There are so many options at Vauxhall to exercise. Next door at Atlas, is the Vauxhall Leisure Center which has a large variety of exercise classes, a pool and sauna, and more. However, I have been really happy with the cheaper option of the BeActive program by King’s College covered in the accommodation’s cost, which on certain days of the week will offer certain exercise classes on the 31st floor for. In 2018-2019, Swing Train and yoga were offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If exercise classes are not your thing, and you like self-directed running, the Vauxhall Park or Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens have great running tracks and beautiful scenery.

As you can see, you don’t have to go very far to live and thrive while attending courses at King’s! Have I convinced you to stay at Vauxhall residence?

I ❤ King’s: Champion Hill Residence

Post contributed by Chiara C. She is a postgraduate student at King’s, studying  Basic and Clinical Neuroscience.

My favourite part of Champion Hill residence is the common room. This is where students share their time to do any kind of activities. In the common room, you can find any type of study spots, including study booths, a small library and quiet areas. All the activities in the common room are organised by the Resilife team. Teatox, art and movie nights are held here, and it is a great opportunity to meet new people or spend some time with other residents. Here, you can also find pool and football tables. Sometimes ping pong tournaments are organised by your community facilitators and birthday parties are held here, too! Downstairs you can also find the gym. This has all the equipment you need and above all students’ membership is free! The residence is composed of different buildings within a green area in the middle of which there is a lovely pond: this is what makes this residence special. You can go have fun in the common room with your friends and find quietness during exams at the same time.

Surrounded by a park, Champion Hill residence is located in the south of London. Denmark Hill campus is about 10 minutes walking and it is surrounded by all you need. In the area, there is plenty of cafes and restaurants. One of the best is the “Love Walk Café” for awesome brunches or just to get a smoothie during your study break at university. You can also find a good choice of pubs within the area. Only 3 minutes walking from the residence there is the “Fox on the Hill” pub. Given the optimal location, it is always full of students and residents. It also has a lovely garden where residents spend spring and summer days with their friends. There is a huge Sainsbury’s 5 minutes walking from the residence, so you do not have to take the bus or walk long distances. If you need to go anywhere, Denmark Hill station is only 5 minutes walking and the city centre can be reached very easily by bus which takes around 25 minutes!


I ❤ King’s: Champion Hill

Post contributed by Lyra T.  She is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying Psychology.

Champion Hill is a lovely student residence in the green and historic district Camberwell within the London Borough of Southwark, that is buzzing with activity at all hours of the day. In the middle of the quad, you can sit on the bridge by the pond where you can sometimes observe the ducks floating harmoniously on the water but be careful not to slip and fall in! Most of the rooms at Champion Hill are en-suite, with more than enough storage space for all your belongings and lots of lighting as well as natural light pouring inside from the ceiling-to-floor windows. The large en-suite rooms add a bit more space, as well as more shelves for storage and a couch.

The common room is on the ground floor of the main building, the Plantanes. Every resident has access to it and there are many activities and events taking place on a weekly basis. The common room is equipped with a pool table, a tennis table, foosball table, as well as a movie room where you can enjoy watching a movie or playing games with your fellow residents. Among the events taking place every week in the common room, there is Teatox every Tuesday evening, Art Night on Thursdays and an event happening on one of the days of the weekend. All of these are organized by your Community Facilitators. Once a month, they organize a big, special event of the month with input from you, the residents which they will be more than happy to listen to at the REC meeting once a month. There is a bar area as well as sitting areas with desks for when your room feels a bit constricting or you find that it is not as easy to focus on your work in your room or your kitchen. A couple of study rooms on each floor of the main building as well as a big study room can help you study with a group or on your own. For when you are craving a snack, there is also a vending machine in the common room. Outside the common room there are little coffee tables and seats for if you wish to enjoy a morning tea, serve your lunch, read while basking in the sunlight or study and work outside in the fresh air.

Among the facilities at Champion Hill, there is a laundry room with washing machines and tumble dryers. You can get a washing station card from reception and top it up with money online after registering it and begin using it straight away. In the basement of the common room, you will find two gyms and one of the advantages of being a resident at Champion Hill is that the gym membership is completely free!  Next door to the gyms, there are two music rooms where you can practice your music and learn a new few things on the piano. Printers are situated on the ground floor of each block, but there is one in the common room to which every resident has access. Outside, you will find that there is a couple of storage units for bicycles and, for a more niche group of people, Champion Hill offers two specially assigned smoking areas, which also happen to be the gathering areas in case the fire alarm goes off and evacuation of the buildings is required. Walk towards C Block and have a seat next to the vegetable garden where you can plant your own vegetables and fruits or likewise, pick up something delicious for you to eat. In each of the kitchens there is a TV you can enjoy watching movies on with your flat mates. Moreover, you can connect a gaming console and play games together on a larger screen than the ones in your room. On the topic of kitchens, weekly inspections usually take place on Wednesdays and cleaners arrive on Thursday so to ensure the cleanliness and the hygiene of the kitchen.

If ever in doubt or in need of some company or friendly conversation, pop by the reception desk. The lovely reception team will be available to answer your questions and concerns, and often crack a joke or two with you and look after you in those times of need. Champion Hill, as well as being one of the prettiest student residence halls with open areas and a lot of greenery, it also has a lot to offer in terms of places to see and go to in its surroundings. Not even five minutes away from the residence, you can find a big Sainsbury’s shop where you will find anything you need. It is usually open from 9am until 12 midnight, which allows for some late-night shopping if or when the whim arises. Inside Sainsbury’s, there is a pharmacy, post office services, and most importantly for when studying begins to feel overwhelming, a Starbucks. Denmark Hill train station is a place not without its place in history and it has direct links to Elephant and Castle as well as Blackfriars station. East Dulwich station is a little bit farther away but if your classes are at Guy’s campus, you are in luck as it has a direct link to London Bridge.

As you walk towards Denmark Hill station, you will notice a Wetherspoons inside Fox on the Hill. It is a lovely pub with a conservatory area and a beer garden tucked away in the back. A few of our residents at Champion Hill have taken part-time jobs serving at Wetherspoons and it is a convenient way to earn some money while working a couple of minutes away from your residence. A little bit further down the road, you will notice that King’s College Hospital is nearly minutes away from the residence. Inside the hospital, you will find the Weston Education Centre library, which is open 24 hours. This could come in handy at any point during the academic year, especially during revision periods.

Head over to Camberwell Green where you will find a myriad of shops and places to eat that will satisfy even the most stubborn of cravings! McDonalds and Costa are a big attraction for students. Immediately next to McDonalds, you will find a Morrisons which is a good and cost-effective substitute for Sainsburys. Across the street, you can enjoy a lovely meal at Nando’s and collect those chillies for a rainy day! The East Dulwich Picturehouse & Café is a good stylish and cozy place for a much-needed break from work and studying where you can watch the latest mainstream films and enjoy a cup of coffee or a fancy glass of wine. In the same area, you will find a Marks & Spencer Foodhall and a variety of other cafés and pubs.

For a relaxing walk in the park, a place to sit down for a picnic with friends and flat mates, or simply somewhere you can go to study, look no further than Ruskin park. It is a large park with quite an interesting history. You can just as well enjoy playing sports in the park as an outlet. Ruskin parks offers a diverse range of facilities and services such as a paddling pool, a sprint track, a basketball court and a football pitch, rugby, a cricket pitch and tennis courts. Finally, if you have a proclivity for the arts or are simply a fan art, Camberwell has a lot to cater to your taste and needs. The Dulwich Art Group is an art school that organizes drop-in or tutored classes for people of all ages and levels of skill.

Camberwell and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer to our residence and there is never a moment when you could feel as though there is nothing for you to do. The plethora of choices of activities is what makes Champion Hill and the neighbourhood the ideal place for prospective and returning students to live in.

I ❤ King’s: Living at Champion Hill

Post contributed by Sri G. He is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying  Bioscience Education. 

Champion Hill is the best of both worlds: with an architecturally stunning listed building built in 1882 as the focal point updated with modern state of the art facilities all on a backdrop of lush greenery, at Champion Hill you get it all. All of this just one 30-minute bus ride away from central. A direct train from East Dulwich takes you right to the doorstep of Guy’s Campus and the 68/176 bus route takes you straight to Waterloo and Strand Campus. Although the commute for some is seen as a downside, being slightly detached from busy central London gives Champion Hill calming sanctuary-like vibes.

Facilities include: laundry room, free cardio and weights gym, music rooms, study areas, games room – pool table, ping pong, foosball – and a vegetable allotment patch, there is something for everyone. As well as our ResiLife events, we also host King’s Sport BeActive Activities including yoga and Pilates. All the common area activities are in the Grade II listed building for special architectural interest. Imagine telling your school friends you live in a large upper-middle class suburban mansion with virtually intact interior!  Located no more than a 15-minute walk from Denmark Hill Campus, a 24-hour access library at your fingertips – so there’s no excuse! We even have our very own local wildlife, including foxes, squirrels, ducks and a neighbourhood cat that often pops by for a visit.

Camberwell Green is the epitome of South East London with a Greggs, Costa, McDonald’s and many a chicken shop ideal for on the way home from Guys Bar… I mean… a late-night session at the library! East Dulwich is the opposite, boasting of trendy bars and cafes to get that perfect Instagram aesthetic. Even vegans can’t complain with Blue Brick Café serving up that great vegan grub.  Truly, Champion Hill has something for everyone.

I ❤ King’s: Living at Wolfson House

Post contributed by Bianca B. She is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying International Development.

Out of the residences available at King’s University of London, Wolfson House stands out through comfort, cosiness, and affordability. The residence also benefits from an ideal location, right across the street from London Bridge station and right next to Guy’s Campus. You can live comfortably and easily get where you want, all for a good price – seems like the perfect package. However, an essential part of living in student halls is the community and the people you meet. Throughout my stay at Wolfson House, both as a resident and as a Community Facilitator, I have come to realise the importance of this aspect and the key influence ResiLife has in improving it.

In Wolfson House, the reception, the manager’s office and the common room are all near each other, making it easy to communicate and maintain a good relationship with the staff. It goes without saying that everyone is very helpful but being able to talk daily with the staff truly creates a different atmosphere and makes you feel different about the place you live in; it makes you feel more ‘at home’. Kitchens are shared between either 13 or 5 people and it is quite easy in most cases to build beautiful friendships. The events held weekly and the special events organised on different holidays or different occasions are an amazing opportunity for students to get together and find an excuse to leave their rooms. In Wolfson House, Art Night is by far a favourite. The residents can either paint, make collages, or even practice calligraphy in different languages.

Although at first it may seem like a disadvantage, I believe the smaller, cosier common room available at Wolfson House is a better fit for the residence. Equipped with board games, books, a pool table, and a popcorn machine for relaxing movie nights, the charm of Wolfson House lies in the quiet and warm atmosphere. More than this, there are events organised outside of the building that the residents can attend, such as the Silent Disco that took place earlier in the year, meaning that the residents at Wolfson House can easily enjoy the best of both worlds, when the quiet gets a little too quiet. One of my favourite events was the Halloween Night. The atmosphere was friendly and happy, and we brought in a lot of ‘scary’ treats and lots of face paint. Everyone had fun creating their preferred designs and choosing the music for the night, laughing and chatting away in little groups.

Why Wolfson House? With its homey appeal and relaxed atmosphere, Wolfson House can be an ideal substitute for ‘home’. With events catered for everyone, there is no need to worry if you’re too shy to come up to your flatmates, as the cosy common room downstairs is the perfect excuse and will make it easier to bond – just give it a chance!

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