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Settling into life at King’s

Are you ready for move-in day?

It’s so close now, you can almost smell it! 

I’m Lukas, a second year Business student at King’s. Last year, I moved into King’s Residences, which meant moving away from home for the first time, so trust me, I know exactly how excited, nervous and maybe even a little bit apprehensive you’re feeling right now. Continue reading

I ❤ King’s: Living at Wolfson House

Post contributed by Bianca B. She is an undergraduate student at King’s, studying International Development.

Out of the residences available at King’s University of London, Wolfson House stands out through comfort, cosiness, and affordability. The residence also benefits from an ideal location, right across the street from London Bridge station and right next to Guy’s Campus. You can live comfortably and easily get where you want, all for a good price – seems like the perfect package. However, an essential part of living in student halls is the community and the people you meet. Throughout my stay at Wolfson House, both as a resident and as a Community Facilitator, I have come to realise the importance of this aspect and the key influence ResiLife has in improving it.

In Wolfson House, the reception, the manager’s office and the common room are all near each other, making it easy to communicate and maintain a good relationship with the staff. It goes without saying that everyone is very helpful but being able to talk daily with the staff truly creates a different atmosphere and makes you feel different about the place you live in; it makes you feel more ‘at home’. Kitchens are shared between either 13 or 5 people and it is quite easy in most cases to build beautiful friendships. The events held weekly and the special events organised on different holidays or different occasions are an amazing opportunity for students to get together and find an excuse to leave their rooms. In Wolfson House, Art Night is by far a favourite. The residents can either paint, make collages, or even practice calligraphy in different languages.

Although at first it may seem like a disadvantage, I believe the smaller, cosier common room available at Wolfson House is a better fit for the residence. Equipped with board games, books, a pool table, and a popcorn machine for relaxing movie nights, the charm of Wolfson House lies in the quiet and warm atmosphere. More than this, there are events organised outside of the building that the residents can attend, such as the Silent Disco that took place earlier in the year, meaning that the residents at Wolfson House can easily enjoy the best of both worlds, when the quiet gets a little too quiet. One of my favourite events was the Halloween Night. The atmosphere was friendly and happy, and we brought in a lot of ‘scary’ treats and lots of face paint. Everyone had fun creating their preferred designs and choosing the music for the night, laughing and chatting away in little groups.

Why Wolfson House? With its homey appeal and relaxed atmosphere, Wolfson House can be an ideal substitute for ‘home’. With events catered for everyone, there is no need to worry if you’re too shy to come up to your flatmates, as the cosy common room downstairs is the perfect excuse and will make it easier to bond – just give it a chance!

Southwark – The (almost) local’s guide

Living in Moonraker Point, you are situated in the middle of one of bustling districts of South London. The borough of Southwark was established 1965 and retains substantial parts of the old parts of London, so countless listed buildings will be around your way to University and back. Sights and landmark in the district include Tower bridge, London bridge, Tate modern, Dulwich picture gallery, Imperial War Museum, St. Georges Cathedral, the Globe theatre, the London Dungeon and Butler’s Wharf. But what would a perfect day in Southwark look like? Could you spend a whole day from breakfast to midnight WITHOUT leaving your borough? The answer is YES!

Brunch or breakfast, boozy or not, tea or coffee, Monday morning or Sunday afternoon, the options are endless. One of my all-time favorite spots is ‘The refinery’, not even 5 minutes away from Moonraker. They offer breakfast and all-day brunch on the Weekends. For a quick and authentically British bite on the go, grab a sandwich from ‘Frank’s café’. If you don’t let yourself get discouraged by the lunchtime crowd, get in line for a ham and cheese toasty. After a filling breakfast and a quick wander along the Thames, you’ll get to Borough market which you really cannot miss. It is one of the oldest markets in London and you will be spoiled for choice. Food stalls from all over the world lure with exotic smells and delicious dishes. Still fancy something for your sweet tooth? ‘Bread ahead’ doughnuts might be on the pricier side but they are definitely worth it! I would recommend the classic vanilla custard doughnut.

Activities would range on any day of the week from art exhibition at Tate or something more interactive such as the London Dungeon and Clink street prison. Enjoy a drink right next to William Shakespeare’s living room and even go and watch a show at the Globe theatre if you are interested in the real feel of 16th century London. Tired of the crowds? Fear not your new all-time favorite Borough has got you covered. Some of the prettiest (and most hidden) parks await you in walking distance of Moonraker. Right behind the building is Mint street park but my personal favorite is Southwark park, nestled behind Bermondsey tube station. It has a beautiful lake and stunning hundred-year-old oaks and you will have recovered from the hustle and bustle of zone 1 in no time. And what is for Dinner? One of Britain’s best cooks has one of his restaurants right up your street.

A worrier’s guide to starting at King’s

Feeling nervous about moving to King’s soon?

That’s completely understandable and natural, and you’re not the only one feeling like this. 

This time last year I was stressed and overwhelmed. It didn’t hit me until a few weeks before my big move to London that I was about to embark on a big lifestyle change and that was when I felt very anxious. Looking back, I wish I channeled this anxiety into excitement because I had so many things to look forward to!  Continue reading

Getting to London and your King’s Residence safely

You might have started thinking about decorating your new bedroom and speaking to your new flatmates on Facebook but have you thought about your actual arrival to London?

Arriving at KCL is one of the most exciting times in your first year but it’s also a pretty jam-packed period. Lots of people are moving in, getting settled and adapting to their new environment. You will need to know how to make your way around London, your local area and campus pretty quickly, but that can be easier said than done!  Continue reading

Packing and preparing for arrivals

*This article was written prior to COVID-19 restrictions*

Before you know it, moving day will be here and you’ll be settling into your new home and making yourself familiar with your new surroundings…

Not sure where to start or what is about to happen? I’m here to help! This time last year, I was in the exact same position as you; embarking on a big move to KCL and didn’t really know what to expect. Continue reading

5 Ways for Keeping Connected!

It’s Wellbeing Week!

Connection with others can be a really important factor in our health and happiness. With a new lockdown approaching, we wanted to share some tips for keeping connected.

These are just a few of our favourites, but you can find more at the KCLSU Wellbeing Hub along with loads of events and activities to help promote wellbeing.

1) Have a Cook Along/Bake Off

Cooking and baking can help us eat well and since Thursday might see the return of banana bread and sourdough starters, why not make it social? Trade recipes with friends or even all try making the same thing (Great British Bake-Off style). Pros: No judges and you get to eat what you make!

2) Book or craft clubs

Good for those of us who are getting a bit of Zoom fatigue. Reading and crafts can give you that much needed screen free time and if you like you can join a club to add that social element. Check out the KCL Book Club here.

3) Text a compliment to a friend

I’ll admit to taking this one straight from the Wellbeing Hub. Sometimes the best things can be the simplest ones, and this can be a great way to boost your own wellbeing and that of others!

4) Get involved with the King’s Community

Meeting new people and making new friends has been extra tough this year, but there’s still plenty of ways to get connected online through societies, ResiLife events and King’s Sport Move Your Mind.

5) Share or learn a skill

So maybe you can play guitar, but fancy learning how to code? Swapping a skill with a friend can be a fantastic way to connect and learn something new. You could also try taking an online class instead to learn a new skill together.

6) I know I said 5…

But lastly, taking some time to connect with our own feelings and emotions can also promote wellbeing. Remember it’s OK to have bad days and to reach out for support.

About the Residence Welfare Lead Team

We’re a group of friendly, trained volunteers who live in the King’s Residences to support with student welfare.

Our duty hours are between 8PM – 8AM on weekdays and 24 hours on the weekend. We can be reached over text, phone or email and you can find our contact details around the residence as well as on our webpages here.


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