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‘This year has been my second go around with having the honorary role of Resident Advisor.  Back, like way back, in my undergraduate career in the United States, I had the privilege of serving in this position and I’m so glad to be back doing it again. This time around I think I’m able to relate even more to my residents.  Being an international postgrad student in a mostly international and post grad student residence a lot of us are in similar shoes which makes this experience even more meaningful. 

In our international residence halls, I’ve been able to meet people from countries all over the world. Learning bits of information about new cultures and customs. And slowly building my list of new places visit (double checking with people that I have a place to stay when I come of course).

Angel Lane to me is a warm and inclusive home attributed to the hard work and dedication of the other RAs and Wardens on my team.  By hosting brunches themed around the different cultural areas our residents represent, to making our selves visible with cup cake decorating RA drop-in sessions and just being silly during Karaoke and dance parties, Angel Lane is a home I’m proud to be an RA of.

For those that don’t know, I use to be a teacher.  An actual elementary school (or as they say here, Primary School) teacher.  Although I think that experience has truly shaped me into the person I am today, I believe the role of an RA has continued to strengthen my skills in communications, organisation and of course leadership.  To make Angel Lane as inviting as we can, as RAs we must put ourselves out there and make ourselves visible and available to residents.  That means stepping outside of my comfort zone, knowing that I may not know everything there is to know about London, but having the confidence to still intentionally check-in and speak with residents. This means having conversations in not the most conventional of places, such as the lifts, laundry rooms, vending machines, etc. I’m also challenging myself to have difficult conversations with residents who may have issues within their flat/with flat mates to build a better community.  This of course,  builds my confidence in speaking with diverse groups of people outside of Angel Lane as well which is a skill I believe we all can benefit from. 

And can I just say, my social media skills have increased tremendously since being an RA.  In this day and age (said by oldies everywhere) social media is one of the largest modes of communication.  And I find myself informing residents of King’s and Resilife events on a regular through social media as well as getting groups together to explore the city of London. I’ve also used it to inform residents about things I care a lot about like ways to stay involved with recent pollical issues and even organise residents to come with me to Calais France to volunteer and help with the Refugee Crisis.

As an RA I’m building new relationships with so many different people and continuing to grow as a professional. I’ve had such great and memorable experiences during my time here in London so far and many are in part due to being an RA.  I can’t wait to see what else this next semester has in store!’