‘Making Money During The Pandemic’ – National Student Money Week Testimonial

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Making money during this pandemic has been cause for concern for many students. No doubt it has been a very difficult time and many students are being made redundant from jobs in the hospitality sector and hours for other jobs have been reducing due to the lack of events being run.  

However, just as with everything else in life, there is always a way to adapt and conquer. The field of working from home should be no different. This article will outline some of the ways in which you can maximise your efficiency at home while also making some money on the side.  

One of the most effective and flexible ways of making money at home is offering online tuition. There are multiple companies and places to look into to help you in this pursuit. The following companies are very quick and easy to sign up to:  

  • MyTutor  
  • SuperProf  
  • Explore Learning  
  • Offering tuition to friends and family and neighbours  

These companies allow you a lot of flexibility and they really depend on you being active and organised. My Tutor is brilliant at offering school tuition opportunities and this gives you consistent lessons over a few months. SuperProf is also a fantastic platform where you can decide what you want to tutor in and set your own rates. It gives you the independence to give lessons on subjects that you feel passionate about and subjects outside of academia.  

Another way to make some money from home is exercising your creative talents. Instagram is a perfect way to start your own business with minimal costs. Many people have started pages for selling food, personalised paintings and drawings and desserts. There are hundreds of things that you can sell on Instagram and this is a brilliant way to manage your own work hours, practice a new skill and learn the essentials of running a small independent business.  

Here are some tips from students who have recently started their own independent businesses:  

  • Factor in all the resources needed and how much they cost.  
  • Keep an excel file that contains information of orders and profit/loss.  
  • Use your friends and pages on Instagram that are offering promotion and encourage people to spread the word and leave feedback.  
  • Manage your time well so that this doesn’t become overwhelming and doesn’t take too much time from your studies. 

Although things seem tough right now, just remember to always put your mental health first and aspire to see this situation as an opportunity to undertake a new avenue of work. Tap into your creative side or get involved in a company that will allow you more flexibility and independent ownership of your work time.  

Best of luck to you all and remember that the Money Mentors are here if you need guidance regarding finances, especially if you are struggling to make important payments. Do reach out to us on Instagram or via the Student Services page. We are always happy to help.  

Good luck, and take care! 🙂

Selai Saydzai
King’s Student Money Mentor

Part of Money & Housing Advice
Studying Dentistry BDS (UG)

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For more information on making money, check out this video workshop. You can also click on this link for more details on Blackbullion!

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