‘Making Money From Home During COVID-19’ – National Student Money Week Testimonial

The first lockdown came and went. University ended for the year. And it was time for summer. This meant: going for walks, meeting friends in the park, watching my favourite films and TV programmes. Although my time outdoors increased, so did my screen time. I was consuming so much information, especially from random advertisements. What kept catching my eye were the adverts from apps and websites which promoted your work, your designs and encouraged you to sell items you no longer needed.

I thought I might give that a try.

I downloaded Vinted, Shpock, eBay. I uploaded images of clothes, some new and some in good condition which to my surprise did start selling! I had some textbooks and interview books that I thought could help other students and sold them at a discounted rate. It wasn’t a bad way to start earning some money.

I stumbled across a part-time tutor role whilst I was scrolling through social media. It allows you to be flexible and to take on as much or as little work as you’d like! I felt like this was a really great way to continue my own learning and keeping up to date with my knowledge, but also meant I earned some cash on the side. Other great job sites I’ve used in the past are Indeed and CV Library. More recently I signed up to King’s Talentbank where you can apply for job assignments (online for now!) for either permanent, temporary or part-time roles based on your experience and qualifications.

With some more income, online shopping also became another one of my pastimes. But spending more money meant I had to supplement my income in another way too. I had heard about cashback sites such as QuidCo and TopCashback which actually end up paying you back some money over time and therefore for a share of your purchase when shopping online. Over a few months, I would earn cashback and this would be a great way to save some money for the short-term future.

Manvi Shah
Positive Peer
Studying Dentistry BDS (UG)


* Please note that students on a Tier-4 visa will have restrictions on the type of work they can undertake during their studies in the UK. If you are unsure of your working restrictions, call the Student Advice Line, open daily. Please refer to the website for full details.

For more information on making money, check out this video workshop. You can also click on this link for more details on Blackbullion!

‘Housing Emergencies’ – National Student Money Week Testimonial

Last year in 2020, a group of friends and I began our search to find a property that we could rent; somewhere safe, somewhere close to transport, somewhere where we could call our second home. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

A lot of agents seem to be masters at hiding the flaws, using polished photographs and innovative, enticing descriptions to rent out a property. I understand this is part of their jobs, however, during the pandemic, the majority of students were unable to travel in and out of London regularly and so could not view the flats in person. I, myself, am from London so fortunately, I saw the condition of the properties before making a decision to rent. There were many furnished, well-kept properties on the market but what I wish I’d known was to be quick about showing my interest as the ones I’d like would seem to be snapped right up.

My friends and I did find a flat we liked…in the end…however there were a number of issues we faced. The conditions provided in our tenancy agreement were not updated in line with the new housing legislation introduced recently, the flat was not thoroughly cleaned and when we checked the inventory, there were items missing and some safety hazards. Therefore, after some deliberation, none of us felt comfortable or safe if we were to move in. Luckily enough, most of our classes were online and being part of a clinical course, I was required to come into campus only once or twice a week.

Tips from my experience:

  • Always read the contract – check if it’s up to date and if there are any outdated terms
  • Put the start and end date in the tenancy agreement
  • Make sure there is a break clause
  • Although an inventory can be provided or requested, always do your own at the start to check for any prior damages
  • Contact King’s Advice and Guidance Team for Housing advice
  • You can also contact the University of London Housing Services
  • Know your housing rights!!!

Manvi Shah
Positive Peer
Dentistry BDS (UG)


Need to speak to a Money Adviser? Call the Student Advice Line, open daily. Please refer to the website for full details.

For more information on private sector housing, take a look at the following video workshops: Beginning your searchViewing a PropertySigning a Contract 2020Moving In!.

‘Bills, Groceries, and Budgeting!’ – National Student Money Week Testimonial

Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash

Before university, life was simple. There were no bills to pay, no weekly shopping to do, and no money management needed at all!  

However, everything drastically changed after I moved out of my family home, into student accommodation in the centre of London. Also known as the most expensive student city in the UK!   

Having no experience of living alone or financial management, I really struggled! And the huge student loan payment in my bank account didn’t help! I wasn’t keeping track of where my money was going or how much I was spending because it just felt like I had so much money – until I didn’t! The feeling of not being in control of your own money is incredibly stressful, but I soon learnt it doesn’t have to be that way!  

Everything changed when I discovered budgeting! Creating a simple spreadsheet with information on my income and expenses allowed me to start budgeting and regain control over my finances. I was able to set weekly allowances which encouraged me to be more mindful of my spending habits. It also enabled me to discover areas in which I could potentially save a lot. Instead of always ordering takeaways I cooked my own meals, which was not only cheaper but a lot healthier. Instead of travelling around on the tube, I would walk around the city and really immerse myself in the beauty of London. There are so many small changes you can make, that can immensely improve your financial situation and better your life!   

Budgeting can change your life! 

Anonymous Author
Studying Medicine MBBS (UG)


Need to speak to a Money Adviser? Call the Student Advice Line, open daily. Please refer to the website for full details.

Interested in learning more about budgeting? Take a look at this video workshop for more information!