New book: Data Protection and Digital Sovereignty Post-Brexit

Data Protection and Digital Sovereignty Post-Brexit

Edited by Edoardo Celeste, Róisín Á Costello, Edina Harbinja and Napoleon Xanthoulis

This book examines the evolution of UK data protection law post-Brexit and its implications from a digital sovereignty perspective. It analyses the latest legal and policy developments in this context, focusing on data protection but also exploring its intersection with other related regulatory areas, such as artificial intelligence and online safety. Renowned international experts contextualise current regulatory trends and policy proposals to understand whether a new UK model in the field of digital regulation is emerging and to what extent this will exacerbate existing tensions between the UK and the EU.

Edoardo Celeste is Assistant Professor of Law, Technology and Innovation and Róisín Á Costello is Assistant Professor, both in the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University, Ireland.
Edina Harbinja is Senior Lecturer in Law at Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Napoleon Xanthoulis
is Senior Lecturer in Law at Southampton Law School, UK.

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