About the Team


Alina Carrozzini (alina.carrozzini@kcl.ac.uk)

Alina is a Visiting Lecturer in EU law at King’s College London and a PhD candidate with the Centre of European Law at KCL. Her research interests lie at the intersection of EU external relations law and EU administrative law. Alina holds an LLB in International and European Law from The Hague University  and an Advanced LLM in EU Law from College of Europe.

Mark Konstantinidis (mark.konstantinidis@kcl.ac.uk)

Mark is a doctoral candidate at King’s College London, fully funded by KCL’s Centre of European Law. He is also a Teaching Fellow in EU law at UCL. He has previously worked at the Hellenic Competition Commission.  Mark’s research interests span EU law and international economic law, with a particular focus on EU external relations law and international investment arbitration. He is also interested in the implications of Brexit and the new EU-UK relationship.



Şimal Efsane Erdoğan– 2021-2023

Irene Agnolucci – 2020-2022

Luigi Lonardo – 2018-2020

Giulia Gentile – managing editor, 2016-2019

Napoleon Xanthoulis – editor, 2016-2017

Angel Kaloyanov – editor, 2016-2017

Konstantina Perifanou – editor, 2016-2017

Giorgia Sangiuolo, LL.M. – editor 2016-2017

Amanda Spalding editor, 2015-2016

Ioanna Hadjiyianni editor, 2015-2016

Adrienne Yong editor, 2012-2015

Ermioni Xanthopoulou – editor, 2013-2015

Agne Limanteeditor, 2011-2013

Belén Menchón – editor, 2011-2012

Nicole Renner – copy editor, 2011-2012

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