What is Future Advantage?

We know that when students and graduates are looking for support from King’s Careers & Employability, they often think that their only option is to book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant or Application Adviser. Although there is no denying that these can be valuable, there are a range of options to help you move closer to your career goal, whether you are in the discover, focus or action stage of your career.

One excellent resource is our core programme of careers workshops, which you can find on King’s CareerConnect under ‘Future Advantage’. Going to a workshop before coming to an appointment means that you will already have started developing your ideas and this will help you make the most of your one-to-one time with a Careers Consultant.

What kind of workshops can I attend?

There are workshops for students and graduates in all phases of career planning and employability development. You can find detailed information on all Future Advantage workshops and when you can attend them on King’s CareerConnect.


Discover workshops will help you explore who you are, who you might become and what is out there that might suit you. Come along to one of these workshops for a chance to reflect on your own strengths, interests and values and how these might lead you to a particular career path. It might be particularly useful for you to look at Who Am I? and What Can I Do? 

Future Advantage: Who Am I?

Future Advantage: What Can I Do?


Focus workshops are great if you have already got some ideas and are looking to narrow down your choices and identify areas you could develop further. Come along to get some inspiration and learn more about how to network, find sources of information, make decisions and plan for the future. Networking, Ideas Into Action and What Do I Offer? could be good starting points for you.

Future Advantage: Networking

Future Advantage: What Do I Offer?


Action workshops are a great place to go if you have a good understanding of yourself and what you want to do in the future. Come along to these workshops if you are ready to implement your plan and learn about how to articulate your knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences in applications. These workshops are also a place to discuss some of the excitement and anxiety that might come with starting a graduate job. Interviews, CVs: Where Do I Start? and CVs: How Do I Make It Even Better? will all be relevant to you, and Getting In And Getting On: Transitions Into The Workplace helps you prepare for that next step.

Future Advantage: Interviews

Future Advantage: CVs: Where Do I Start?

Future Advantage: CVs: How Do I Make It Even Better?

Future Advantage: Getting In And Getting On: Transitions Into The Workplace

Across all these phases you can also attend the following Future Advantage workshops:

  • Future Advantage: Resilience
  • Future Advantage: Deciding What To Do
  • Future Advantage: Gamification
  • Future Advantage: Practice Interviews
  • Future Advantage: Mock Assessment Centre
  • Future Advantage: International

Make sure to pay King’s CareerConnect a visit to book your spot at one of our next Future Advantage workshops!