The value of networking

Networking is a great way to gain advice, build connections and discover more about the industry you are interested in. Whether you are at a networking event or having a one-to-one chat with someone, it is important to ask questions and get the most out of talking with people whose career interests you. This will give you an insider view about the different roles within organisations you might want to work at.

King’s Careers host a range of alumni speed-meet events, giving you the opportunity to meet with individuals who have studied in your department and find out about what they have gone on to do since leaving King’s. Talking in informal groups, you will find out how their careers got started, what it is like to work in their industry and you might even leave with some inspiration for your own career journey. 

These events are organised so that you get the opportunity to speak to all the alumni attending. It is an informal, fun way to meet grads, make connections and learn about careers over a drink and some nibbles. 

Upcoming alumni speed-meet events: 

Keep an eye on King’s CareerConnect for more departmental speed-meet events and start networking!