Opportunity alert: Lloyds Banking Group begins the ’Feel Good Fest’!

We’re passionate about careers opportunities, and we’re even more passionate about feeling good in your career journey. Today’s opportunity is organised by Lloyds Banking Group – starting from January 25th, students can take part in various online experiences “from finance to food and games”, with networking opportunities and fun!

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Photo by Chris Liu on Unsplash

The following was provided to us by Lloyds Banking Group:

The Lloyds Banking Group Feel Good Fest is an online experience for students to connect, create, explore and ultimately bring a smile to many faces after a difficult year.

Now, more than ever it’s important to take a bit of time for ourselves, and we have built the Feel Good Fest with wellbeing at the forefront of our mind. From finance to food, to games – there’s something for everyone.

A festival wouldn’t be right without a Main Stage and some exciting acts to look forward to! Headline acts will be launched daily for all to see meaning students can connect and enjoy each other’s performances. With everything revolving around what we can’t do, we’re inviting students to focus on all of the amazing things they CAN do from the comfort of home.

Explore and take part in the Feel Good Fest 2021 online through our web pages. We are live from 25th Jan 2021. To take part, register an account or sign into your existing account to access our Virtual HQ.


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