How to get part-time work at university

Starting a part-time job during your time at university is good for more than just earning some extra cash for the weekends; it’s a good way to build up your CV! Employers often tell us that a student who works part-time during their studies shows that they are motivated and have developed skills in time management, communication, teamwork and organisation.  

Where can I find a part-time job

One of the best ways to get a part-time job that understands the needs of students is to get one at the university! We recently wrote a post about Job’s at King’sso check that out to see our tips on searching for a job within the university.  

There are also so many great opportunities outside of the university, so the best thing you can do is start looking! Here are some places you can start your search: 

  • King’s CareerConnect often has part-time jobs and internships for students.
  • Timewise Jobs specializes in part-time jobs and flexible working options.
  • LinkedIn Jobs can be a good place to find a job in the sector you want to work in – you can always filter for part-time work!  
  • KCLSU hires students for a variety of roles and you can sign up to their mailing list to be notified of new vacancies for students.
  • Recruitment agencies work to match suitable candidates with roles in different organizations. You can register with agencies and they will notify you of new opportunities, and remember – trustworthy recruitment agencies will NOT require paid registration.  
  • Job opportunity websites (like Indeed or Glassdoor) can have thousands of job listings and many are part-time roles in retail, food service, childcare and more!  

If there is a specific company you’d like to work for, you can also take the initiative and send a speculative application! More information and advice on finding part-time work can be found in the King’s  Career Kit.

How do I balance it all?

There isn’t a formula on how to balance uni work, a part-time job and (hopefully) a social life, but here are some tips on how to handle it all.  

  • Know when you’ll be busy: make sure you know when you have deadlines or exams for your course! Keep in mind when you’ll be busier than usual so you can make enough time for your studies.  
  • Communication is key: employers will usually be understanding of students’ other commitments. Let your manager know in advance about important deadlines – chances are, they’ll be more understanding if you don’t ask for time off the day before you need it!  
  • Use your time wisely: yes, this does mean less procrastinating. Having a job does mean you’ll be a bit busier, so be sure to use the free time you do have to be proactive and get work done.  
  • Be realistic: sometimes it’s easy to say yes to everything, but this may leave you overwhelmed. Really think about how many hours you’ll be able to work so that you still have some downtime!  

For help with your CV or the application process, book an appointment with one of our Application Advisors through King’s CareerConnect. Remember that our services are still available throughout the summer!