All’s (a) fair in love and LAW

Interested in a legal career, been inspired by legal week, or want the low-down on vacation (placement)  schemes? Then come along to our 3-day Law Fair, meet 67 leading law firms, and explore hundreds of opportunities. And don’t worry if you’re not a Law student – half of training schemes are awarded to non-Law graduates.

However, turning up is only half the task – to get the most out of the fair, do your prep – think about why you’re going, what you want to learn and how you can achieve this. Sounds overwhelming? Well luckily our knowledgeable Law-specialist Careers Consultant, Kiren, has shared his top tips for making the most of the Law Fair – so read these and you’ll be on your way to a successful fair experience.

1. Think strategically

Plan who you want to talk to in advance. It’s impossible to talk to all the firms and, if you tried, you’d only be able to have surface-level conversations with anyone. Instead, plan who you want to talk to.

2. Culture and what you want

So how to narrow down these 67 firms? Think about what area of law you want to pursue, as some firms will specialise different areas. Once you’ve got your list, use the fair to ask specific questions that aren’t addressed on their websites, for example, ask about company culture, or work-life balance. This is your chance to talk to company employees, so use it wisely.

3. Smaller names

It can be easy to assume that the big names are the star attractions of the fair – but they’re not the best choices for everyone. Check out the video below for the best smaller firms to look out for, with important background information about them.

Finally, get the Careers Fair Plus app, available on Android or Apple. You don’t need to submit any personal details to access the account, and once you’ve downloaded it you can see the organisations in attendance for each day, crucial information about each of them, and their recruitment cycles.

To check out more about each day, go to our events page on King’s CareerConnect and sign up:

Day one

Day two

Day three