Your 2019 PG digital ambassadors!

Our 2018-19 postgrad cohorts are settled in and loving their courses, so it’s time we introduced you to your digital ambassadors for the year! These three will be running the PG side of the blog from January and will be around to answer any and all questions you may have about studying at the IoPPN, so give them a warm welcome!

From left to right: Vesela, Maliha (or Milli) and Maryam

Vesela comes to us from a background in advertising & marketing, and originally hails from Bulgaria:

‘I chose the MSc Neuroscience, as I wanted to change my field of study and move toward a more scientific degree. Also, I am thoroughly fascinated with the brain and how much we still don’t know about its functions. My favourite thing so far is the wide variety of topics covered by the course from cell biology to neuroinflammation.’ 

My top tip: Always try to welcome challenges with excitement, rather than fear and do not ever leave assignments for the last minute!

 A fun fact: The literal translation of my name from Bulgarian is Happy 😊

Milli is another International student, coming all the way from across the pond in the USA, who has swapped Philosophy to follow her interests in Mental Health:

‘Hi, I’m Milli on the MSc Mental Health Studies course! I chose this because I studied abroad at King’s College London during my B.A. in Philosophy and I knew I had to come back. My favourite thing about this course is having access to incredible lecturers and clinicians in class as well as the opportunity to do clinical placements and research projects.’

My top tip: Be an active learner and speak out in class; KCL professors are always happy to help guide you when you have questions.

A fun fact:  I run a show called What the Folk?! for KCL Radio. (Tune in Mondays at midday!)

Maryam worked in recruitment before coming to study at King’s and is a keen gamer in her spare time:

‘I chose to study Neuroscience MSc because of how interesting the human brain is! 🧠 My favourite thing so far is the fantastic support available not only from my coursemates but from the phenomenal KCL staff (as well as the course being super fun!).’

My top tip: Never be afraid to ask a question or ask for help.

A fun fact: During my BSc I ran a Pokémon society where we’d meet up and play games to wind down! ⚡️💕

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