A Year Down Under

Hey guys! I’m Liv, a third year psychology student currently on my year abroad in Melbourne!

For many of you, going to university will involve moving away from home, as it did for me (Spain). Uni life is such a massive change, no matter if you are travelling to a different country or staying at home; and when you consider studying in a city like London, that’s a whole new level! This change is probably all you can think about right now, but let me comfort you by saying that in no time you’ll be settled in, find your own routine, make loads of new friends, and slowly but surely learn your way around the concrete jungle that is London. Once that happens you might start wondering what’s coming next, and let me tell you, it’s exciting.

Even before I knew what uni I’d go to I knew I wanted to do a year abroad. I love travelling, the opportunity to meet new people, discover new places, learn about other cultures, etc. So when it came to applying to universities, study abroad options were an important criteria. KCL being a highly regarded university means we have some excellent partner unis in some amazing countries! But before I get to that, let me tell you a bit about how it works.

As you’re probably aware, BSc Psychology is a 3 year degree, however doing a year abroad means adding an extra year (taking 3rd year overseas, and returning to King’s for your 4th and final year). While I understand some people might prefer to finish in 3 years, in my case I was willing to compromise (because who wants to rush into adult-life and responsibility anyway?). This comes along with a bonus. As the modules you take abroad aren’t replacing modules back at King’s, you have a little less pressure when it comes to grades. The only academic requirement whilst abroad is to pass all modules you take. So you might ask yourself, what modules might that be? This has been one of my favourite parts about my year at UniMelb. There’s a wide choice of modules you can take, and we get a fair bit of freedom in choosing what modules to take (within reason). For example, this past semester I’ve taken criminology, sociology, politics, and journalism modules! Things I would never have been able to do as part of a regular undergrad. This has given me the chance to explore new fields of study I’ve always been interested in.

Now to the exciting part: destinations. When I chose, there were 10 options across multiple continents, and each university is completely different, not only because of its geographical location, but also in terms of how it works. Some unis will be city-based, others smaller, and some might offer more of a campus-style. Anywhere you choose will be a completely different experience to studying at King’s.

I love surfing and the sun, so for me it was a no-brainer, I was off to Melbourne! I’m half-way through my year at the moment, and it’s been nothing short of amazing! I’ve met incredible people, travelled all around the country, and experienced a very different university-life (the student union here organises free BBQs three times a week. Yes, three!). You could say I’m having a pretty good time. On an academic level it’s exposed me to different methods of teaching and a whole array of new subjects I’d never studied. As cheesy as it sounds, a year abroad does broaden your horizons in so many ways.

If doing a year aboard interests you and you’d like to know more, check out the King’s website for up to date info!

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