Getting the Offer & Why We Chose King’s


When I decided to venture onto an MSc in Neuroscience, I knew I wanted to study somewhere I could push my boundaries and reach my full potential. So, what did that look like for me?

Sitting down and taking some time to evaluate my needs was key in finding the right course at the right university. Where can I meet new people with different perspectives? Where could I potentially contribute to world-leading research? Where can I receive the right kind of support?

Where can I study hard and still have a social life?

King’s College London had always stood out to me as one of the world’s most prestigious universities and after a little bit of research, I knew it was the one for me.

The courses are stimulating and challenging, the lecturers are industry experts and the canteen food is so good. What cemented my choice was the clear value for diversity. KCL has this refreshing ethos of collaborating with people from different backgrounds and utilising different areas of expertise towards something awesome. I could see that studying at King’s would present so many opportunities to grow in all aspects, not only as a student and scientist, but as an individual.

Despite being a resident couch potato, I felt encouraged by the variety of sports activities and clubs I could join as well as the societies which catered to every interest I could ever have. The exceptional facilities and resources greatly enhance your studies; revising at the Maughan Library feels like you’re at Hogwarts! Being in the heart of London was a great convenience, having access to vibrant food and social spots. The student union at KCL is a dedicated one, providing fantastic services and support for all students. There is also a heavy focus on improvement of mental health and student wellbeing, one of the most important issues being targeted by UK universities today. KCL provides limitless workshops, classes and support throughout the year, emphasising the significance of looking after ourselves as students.

When I applied, I was filled with nerves and excitement, so finally receiving the offer set fireworks off in my head! It was surreal to open the portal and see the offer there. Once I’d accepted, it was time to get organised: hello student finance and hello new stationary.



The few weeks in between applying for my MSc in Mental Health Studies at King’s College London and receiving my offer consisted of frequent email checking and constant page refreshing on the King’s Apply page. I was anxiously awaiting my fate, hoping that I would get a spot at my top choice university.

Fortunately, it took about 3 weeks in between sending off my application and receiving an unconditional offer via a very cool, official offer letter portal and a warm congratulations from King’s. The time it takes to hear back can definitely vary, so don’t fret if it takes a bit longer, but it can be helpful to know how efficient the admissions process at KCL can be.

Once I got my offer, I knew I was ready to accept. I had received a few other offers from various London universities, but I knew deep down that I wanted to be at King’s. The King’s Apply portal made everything super easy so all I had to do was notify the university of my acceptance with a few clicks, pay my deposit, and I was in!

As an international student from the United States, I chose King’s College London because of its global reputation as a top-tier leading university in teaching and research. The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s is Europe’s largest centre for research in these fields with a rich history going back to 1896. It is also commonly ranked 2nd in the world for psychiatry and psychology. That said, King’s is so much more than high rankings.

As fellow student ambassador Maryam has mentioned, King’s College London boasts amazing societies and sports activities via our student union, KCLSU, incredible facilities like the Maughan Library and Bush House, and an exceptional commitment to student well-being via workshops, events, and personal counselling and tutoring options.

Personally, I have had the pleasure of joining KCL Radio as a music DJ, Her Campus as a writer, the Student Ambassador team working in digital communication, and a clinical work placement where I will train as an eCBT therapist alongside my studies. All of these opportunities allow me to make the most out of being right in the centre of London and give me the chance to explore the various King’s campuses.

On top of everything, the people I’ve met from students to professors to faculty have made choosing King’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my future. Choosing King’s will open so many doors for you; all you need is to accept that offer!



  1. Hi Milli, I was interested in joining Her campus as well but not sure how to do it via KCL. Could you please mention if there are any resources or society we can reach to?

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