Hello from your UG ambassadors!

Happy new year! My name is Marta, and I am one of the UG Ambassadors for this year. I am currently completing my second year of the Psychology BSc, and I’m here to share the international student experience with you.

This time of the year can be super stressful with mock exams, applications, and the end of high school moving in closer, but don’t fret! The best way to handle everything is to be well informed, and follow your heart.

One of the scariest things can be choosing your degree of study. When I was making the decision to study Psychology, I was torn between many related degrees. I chose Psychology because I had a passion for the subject in the IB, and thought it was a great multi-disciplinary degree that would allow me to learn about many different perspectives, from biology, to social, to research… The most important thing to remember is that university isn’t about just one thing! Just because you’ve chosen a certain degree it does not mean you have to give up all other interests. I chose to study at King’s because it had a fantastic course for my chosen subject, but alongside it had amazing opportunities to continue developing my passion for music and theatre through the societies in the Student Union. My advice is to look beyond rankings when choosing a university, and investigate the opportunities that the university offers both academically and extracurricular that will allow you to continue developing your interests.

As you will be receiving responses on your applications soon, take the time to really look at your options. Check out student forums, youtube videos posted by students, or drop us a message on our Facebook page! The more informed you are, the easier it will be to make the choice!

Good Luck!


Hi guys! My name is Maryam and I’m one of your UG student buddies this year. I’m currently in first year and live at home (since I’m from East London). If you ever need advice on careers with a Psychology degree or living at home, I’m your girl!


Since I’m in first year, it was only a year ago when I was making my application to university and I can remember exactly how daunting it was! That’s why I’ll be talking through what I looked for in a university personally, why I chose King’s and give advice on what should be included in your UCAS application.

I loved Psychology A-level and I wanted a psychology degree that had a similar level of academia as well as offering topics that I really enjoyed. In terms of university, I looked for places that had a good range of societies and events (where better than London?) that I could picture myself being a part of. So, when I came across the BSc course here at King’s, I was really happy with the structure of each year and the variety of modules covered. When I attended an offer holder day (which I thoroughly recommend if you have not already visited King’s) and got to see the campus I knew I’d be happy there. Now that I’m finally settled in, I can certainly say I don’t regret my application!

My advice for choosing a university is to visit it in person, because it’s the best way to get a feel for whether you can see yourself studying there. If you can’t visit somewhere in person, see whether there are virtual tours on the website and read as much as you can on the course on their website. Also, if there is something that you love about a course, find a way to include it in your personal statement! Not only does that show you are passionate for Psychology, it also shows that you are passionate for that course which admissions tutors will pick up on positively. And most importantly, don’t stress out about applications too much. It’s easily to feel overwhelmed but remember that you will end up somewhere that is perfect for you. Best of luck!

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