What students like about studying Psychology at King’s

Guy's campus

Two former BSc Psychology students tell us some of their favourite things about studying Psychology at King’s. Find out from them some of the perks of studying Psychology in the heart of London.



Favourite thing #1: Hodgkin Building 

Vines grow at the side of the building and changes with the different seasons. It is welcoming and exciting, with its vibrant leaves standing out in September. Although it slowly withers in the winter, you know it’ll always grow back better than before in the Spring. Also, remember it is the choice building for a lot of King’s advertisements, so I guess everyone else at King’s likes it as much as I do! Even though my favourite part of this building is the outside, I do always enjoy what’s on the inside – like the Gordon Museum.

Favourite thing #2: Alan Billis

Alan was a taxi driver from Torquay and is now a resident of the Gordon Museum. The Gordon Museum is the largest medical museum with a growing collection of approximately 8,000 specimens. But after Alan found out he had terminal lung cancer, and reading about mummification, he decided to donate his body. This is the first investigation of mummification since practiced by the ancient Egyptians. Sometimes a film crew will come barging in to record the process. ‘Egypt’s Last Secret’ won a BAFTA, enabling the research and exemplifying the selflessness of people, such as Alan, who donate their bodies to science and research.

Favourite thing #3: Security

The main security area is within the Hodgkin’s building (I really do love this building). Everyone is so welcoming, it’s always great to just have a chat with them. They make sure we’re safe and smiley when we get to our 9am lectures. They always know what’s happening around campus and have the ability to get you anywhere you want. Literally, because that’s also where you get your card activated to grant you access to different areas of campus.




#1 Campuses all over London

One of my favourite things is that King’s has four Thames-side campuses within a single square mile and also the Denmark Hill Campus in Camberwell. Each campus has its own feel and community spirit but we are all united as King’s students. Most of the BSc teaching happens on Guy’s campus which is beautiful in both winter and summer and right next to London Bridge and the Thames. As all the campuses are so close together if you want to attend an event at another campus you can have a lovely walk along the river to get there. Having campuses in different parts of London also means you get to explore more of the city. I am a Londoner and have still managed to find new and exciting things in the proximity of all the King’s campuses.

#2 BSc Psychology Space

On the BSc we are very lucky as we have a newly refurbished space that is only used for teaching on our course. We have a common area with a microwave and tea making facilities, this is a really lovely space where you can eat lunch with your friends or get on with some work if you want to be somewhere other than the library. The space also has rooms that we can book or use to study in. The team have also let us use these rooms for film nights so it is just a really lovely space that is only for us Psychology students to make the most of.

#3 Student Societies

King’s has over 260 student societies and activity groups! If you wanted to, you could go to a different event every night. This is great as there is always lots to do and opportunities to meet likeminded people who you otherwise wouldn’t cross paths with. If there is a society you want join that doesn’t currently exist, the student union is really supportive in helping you set one up.


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