Could you explain your doctoral research to a lay audience in just three minutes?

The rules are simple: explain your research to a non-specialist audience in three minutes.

No props, sound, moving images, poems, raps, songs or mimes are allowed; only a single static PowerPoint slide is permissible.

Five Reasons to enter this year’s King’s 3MT Competition

  1. Win a cash prize of £500 towards research, conference, or public engagement activity expenses;
  2. Have the chance to go through to the Vitae 3MT National Finals and win a bigger cash prize;
  3. Gain experience in your ‘elevator pitch’, practicing how to explain your research to a lay audience – invaluable in this day and age;
  4. Gain national exposure for your doctoral research;
  5. Be featured on the Centre for Doctoral Studies Blog and website.

Three Minute Thesis Webinar 

Sign up here for our webinar on Thursday 11 February 12:00-13:00 GMT, with tips and advice on how to put together a captivating slide and deliver a great presentation that will maximise your chances of winning.

The panel will include:

  • Donald Lush (King’s Careers & Employability)
  • Dr Amy Moore (King’s Head of Doctoral Student Development)
  • Christian Hurry (PGR Student and King’s 3MT 2019 Grand Finalist)
  • Sogol Salamipour (PGR Student, King’s 3MT 2020 Grand Finalist, and Vitae National Finalist 2020)

Don’t forget to watch the 20172018 and 2020 King’s finalists, and check out the official 3MT Competitor Guide.