The best things about studying Comparative Literature


We have a smaller cohort!  

Ranyechi is a Comparative Literature student at King’s College London.

One of the best things about studying Comparative Literature is definitely the fact that we have such a small cohort compared to a lot of other courses at King’s. University can be quite big and daunting sometimes and I have found my course to be a support network, in a way that I wasn’t expecting at all when I started last year. really appreciate that I’m able to get to know everyone on my course and the fact that we all saw each other every day (and still of course interact with each other in online lessons) set up the conditions for really strong friendships to form. It’s nice to know that aside from our personal tutors and the rest of the academic staff, we can always reach out to a fellow student for support! From a purely academic perspective, the small class sizes also greatly facilitate our learning during both lectures and seminarsThe lecturers get to know us and we are constantly encouraged to ask questions and contribute to discussions 

The academic staff!  

Everyone who studies Comp Lit would agree that the academic staff are the best! They’re very friendly and super helpful. We’re always encouraged to come along to their office hours if we have any questions that we’d like to ask outside of the lecture or seminar. This is especially helpful during the tough time that we are all experiencing and we are very grateful for all their hard work.

 The range of modules on offer  

Another great thing about Comparative Literature is the range of modules that we can choose from. In our first year we get to study texts by authors from India, Nigeria, France, Turkey and Jamaica (just to name a few countries). I personally feel that being able to learn about different perspectives and experiences from around the globe is an invaluable experience which helps us to become very well-rounded individuals.  


Language learning is very important to the Comparative Literature degree which is an element that will be extremely valuable to us when we graduate, as language skills are well sought-after by employers from numerous industries. We have the opportunity to take language modules at the Modern Languages Centre ranging from Arabic to Urdu. These classes can be taken as a part of the degree, for credit, so that we don’t have to pay an extra fee.

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