Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Culture Bites

Are you looking to get a better understanding of Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American culture before joining us in the summer? Check out some of the below items, provided by our lecturers, for a cultural insight in to some of the wonderful countries you might explore during your study here.

1. Dr Elisa Sampson Vera Tudela (Latin America) on ‘This is Peru’ Film screenings – Indigenous languages on film

Dr Elisa Sampson Vera Tudela, a Reader in Latin American Culture at King’s, talks to us about indigenous languages in Latin America and how they have been represented in two films – Wiñaypacha (Eternity) and Retablo (2017) the exploration of two films in two Peruvian indigenous languages.

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2. Daniel Mandur Thomaz (Brazil) on The Edge of Democracy

Dr Daniel Mandure Thomaz


The recommendation of Dr Daniel Mandure Thomaz, Lecturer in Lusophone studies, is a documentary on Brazilian Politics. The film is a great watch for anyone interested in Latin American culture and politics, as it makes a good case for its interest not only for those with a special interest in Brazil but for everyone interested in the health of democracy in general.


The Edge of Democracy (2019) Trailer.

3. Dr Toby Green on Lusophone Africa

Dr Toby Green

An insight into the economic structure of Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) Africa. Dr Toby Green, Senior Lecturer in Lusophone African History and Culture talks about his research and teaching in the department and his lockdown work on the economic Impact of the pandemic in Lusophone Africa.

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4. Dr Alexandra Dias on General Theory of Oblivion – José Eduardo Agualusa (Angola) 

Dr Alexandra Dias talks to us about her favourite Portuguese language novel- which covers the conflict and civil war in 1970s Angola.


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