Review of the King’s Sport Gym

Written by Music student, Virginia

Ever since coming to university, exercising has become a part of my life. Last year, King’s Sport has opened another gym next to Bush House. Being based at the Strand Campus, I decided to give this new gym a go.

King’s Sport Gym

I signed up for the 6-month membership as there was a temporary offer in January (perfect for my New Year’s Resolution!).

There are two floors: the second floor is the main training area, with all the usual equipment you could find at the gym: treadmills, barbells, rowing machines, you name it. Next to it is a spin-studio where classes are taught by colour zones that allows coaches to help optimize your workout.

But what makes this gym different is that there are more studio spaces for group classes and personal training. On the first floor there are three more studios offering a variety of classes – Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp, Zumba and more.

There are more than 200 classes taking place each week, all requiring advance booking through online system.

And when no classes are taking place, all studios are free to use for personal training.

Having been to the Waterloo and Guy’s gym during my first year, the Strand gym is really an upgrade. The workout studios are spacious and there is a wide selection of classes, ideal for those who are easily tired of repeating the same work-out routine.

You can find out more about all King’s gyms here.

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