Moving to King’s from another university for a postgraduate degree – is it worth it?

So, you’re looking at postgraduate study at King’s after doing your undergraduate degree elsewhere and aren’t sure whether leaving the familiarity of your current (or recent) institution is worth it. Below are a few of the major factors you might want to consider, explained by someone who did just that.

Moving to London

If you’re coming from outside London, the idea of moving to the capital is likely a big factor in your decision-making process for this next step. This can be particularly daunting if you are coming from a smaller university town/city, or perhaps a campus university where everything felt more contained or accessible.

However, moving to London comes with the opportunity of a new city to explore. Not only does it have seemingly endless shops, museums and theatres, but there are lots of parks, giving an opportunity for some quiet and relaxation in green space. There is also no need to worry about getting around, as London has a fantastic public transport network, and all of King’s campuses are easily accessible via these networks, so getting to and from campus should be easy.

While the cost of living can be high in London, there are ways to manage this. There are student loans available, which take into account this difference, as well as there being lots of opportunities for part-time work, both within King’s and externally. It is also useful to set yourself a budget and stick to it(!), and King’s has a Money & Housing Advice Service who can offer advice if things get difficult.

New Friends and Course mates

While leaving university friends is always hard, especially if some of them are staying at the same institution for postgraduate study, it is important to remember that you can always find new friends at King’s! Whether you meet them through halls, societies, or on your course, there are lots of opportunities to connect with new people.

Your course mates will likely become particularly important, as people with similar interests to you, and they can be good people to bounce ideas about your subject with. If the King’s course you are considering is closer to your specific interests than similar courses elsewhere, you are especially likely to meet people who think about your subject similarly to you, which can be really rewarding.

New Academic Staff = New Horizons

Moving to a new institution comes with the need to leave the academic staff you have become familiar with, and meet a new team. While this might seem intimidating, being taught by different people means you will encounter new ideas about your subject. Also, King’s staff will have different specialisms to those at your previous university, meaning you have the opportunity to explore completely new topics that you might not have the chance to encounter otherwise, giving you a broader understanding of your topic overall.

Is it Worth it?Loraine's London

While changing institutions might come with some additional hassle, being in a new location surrounded by new people with new perspectives is hugely exciting, and the academic benefits feel enormous. Personally, I am really pleased I took the leap, am loving my new adventure at King’s, and highly recommend that you consider it too!

King’s offers a wide range of courses covering everything from culture, history, language, literature, philosophy and theology to ground-breaking courses in digital humanities and arts, media and creative industries.  

Our partnerships with London’s major cultural organisations – including the British Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Courtauld Institute of Art, the National Gallery and the Royal Opera House among others – offer great learning opportunities for our postgraduate students. 

Find out more about our range of postgraduate taught courses here.

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