Money-saving tips

There's lots of ways to save your precious pennies!
By Nicole, a Digital Humanities student.

*Spoiler* London is an expensive city.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your student life here. There are loads of ways to save money and still enjoy the vibrant culture of the capital.




Here are my top tips to save money while living in London:

  • Give yourself a monthly budget.
    Decide on a certain amount of money that you can spend every month, and try to keep all your expenses within that limit. For more advice on budgeting, read King’s guide.
  • Plan ahead.
    Planning meals in advance helps you to only buy food that you need, and reduces the likelihood of impulse buying.
  • Get moving!
    The city is big, but most of the time (especially at rush hour) walking is quicker than taking public transportation: it’s good for you, it’s free and it allows you to discover incredible areas of the city.
  • Travel as a student.
    Apply for a student Oyster card and get 30% off all public transport.
  • There’s so much free stuff!
    From beautiful parks to awe-inspiring museums, take advantage of everything free the city has to offer. Visit websites like Time Out to find out about the latest free events happening across the city.
  • Don’t forget King’s facilities.
    King’s offers its students many services and buildings: use them! The gyms and the cafes/bars are way cheaper than the regular ones outside campus.
  • Get theatrical for a fiver.
    Many theatres offer tickets for people under the age of 25 for the price of £5. I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets to King Lear, Matilda, A Guide for the Homesick and many more. The Globe’s Summer Season also offers £5 tickets for the pit (and you get the best view!).
  • Eco-friendly cheap coffee.
    Another way to pinch a few pennies is to buy a refill coffee cup which affords you a small discount every time you buy a coffee. You’ll also be helping to reduce plastic waste too.
  • Google it!
    Being a student, you have access to a huge number of discounts. I love checking out all the offers on websites like Unidays, Save the student and Student Beans.
  • And finally, enjoy yourself!
    Make the most of it, but don’t feel pressured to do and see everything – London is big, and you’re only human (and trying to get a degree!)

For more advice, read Eleanora’s 5 tips to make the most of your life in London, without spending a fortune.

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