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King’s Speakers is a public speaking society at King’s where students can practice and improve their skills using a unique format, similar to official Toastmasters. Despite all activities being moved online, we are a fully functional society, as we are still holding weekly meetings over Microsoft Teams. 

Eunmin studies Classics at King’s, and is a member of King’s Speakers

Why join the society?

Public speaking, as intimidating it sounds, becomes less daunting the more you practise it. King’s Speakers is a great non-judgmental environment to practice – you are encouraged, listened to and supported by other members. All members are provided personal feedback on their speeches in detail by other members – they are incredibly useful for your own personal improvement and development. Everyone is encouraged to take on a role or participate in some waywhich is a perfect way to make friends! 

A screenshot of one of the collaborations with the American University of Beirut’s Toastmaster Club

We collaborate with other clubs and societies such as LSE Oratory Union, Imperial Speakers and LBS Toastmasters, which are great events to expand your network. We also have relaxed social events alongside regular meetings. 


How does a typical meeting go?

Our meetings follow an exciting, fast-paced format. All the roles will be explained in detail during the first portion of the meeting for new members or beginners. 

In session 2, a member will give a speech and everyone will fill out a feedback form.

Session 3 is typically a ‘Would you rather’ question where two members take each side and have a short debate. This is similar to Table Topics, which is a good opportunity for everyone to participate by answering insightful questions such as ‘What is a question you get asked the most?’ and giving a short speech that lasts 1-2 minutes

And finally, the evaluation section reflects on what was done well and what improvements can be made. So much can be learnt from a single meeting, so we encourage everyone to attend at least one! This society equips you with the necessary skills to become a great speaker. The aim is for you to acquire these skills, and leave university as a confident public-speaker.


You can find more information on the King’s Speakers website

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  1. Greetings from Greece. I am a King’s College London Graduate. I am a member of Public Speaking club in Greece. Is there a way to perticipate in online meetings of this society?
    Thank you.
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