Experiencing King’s as a Commuter Student

London is definitely the place you want to be if you want to study a modern language

Studying whilst living at home may be the biggest instigator of FOMO. Yet, your university experience does not need to be dull and London is the best place to create memories and
experiences. As a commuter student, I will be giving an insight into my life to prove there is no need to miss out.

Luckily for me, my commute is only 30 minutes away by the tube or an hour by the bus so I plan accordingly. Sometimes, I will prepare for my lecture or seminar by looking through notes, or I’ll be listening to music, staring out the window and romanticising life (an essential as you enter adulthood). The time of lectures and seminars can range throughout the day – the earliest starting at 9 am, and the latest finishing at 6 pm, however, classes are only an hour long and are a welcome change from the 2-hour lessons that I was used to in Sixth Form. Usually after a morning class, it’s lunchtime so my friends and I will explore the area for some lunch. One of the best things about King’ is that it is in the middle of London, and is known for having such a diverse range of food. Make sure to have your ID with you, to secure the student discounts! My go-to place is Coco Di Mama, opposite the Virginia Woolf building where many of my classes are, specialising in pasta for cheap prices of roughly £8. However, the common room also does have microwaves, if you ever need some home-cooked comfort.

Truthfully speaking, the gaps between classes were initially a pain, but once I learned how to utilise them, it made my life more productive. Typically, I complete the readings for my
modules which I usually procrastinate to do once I come home. King’s has many spaces for this, whether you prefer the chatty atmosphere of the common rooms or the quiet of the silent study rooms. On other days, I may be more leisurely and read or book or walk around and explore London and its beautiful sights.

One of my favourite things to do after a long day of class is watching a movie – one of the events that the English society holds is movie nights which are a great way to unwind with
friends after a long day of classes and stuff your face with snacks. Then, I take the commute back home and enter the warmth of my own bed that no accommodation could ever compete with! All in all, if you are a commuter, university can still be the exciting experience you imagined it to be so just enjoy!

Written by Raisa, English with Film Studies BA

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