A journey through time: What I’ve learnt as a King’s History student

Embarking on a journey through time as a history student at Kings College London has been a captivating and enlightening experience. My experience as a King’s history student has been a captivating exploration of the past. I’ll be reflecting on the lessons and insights that being a King’s history student has provided me with, lessons that have been insightful and lessons that transcend the boundaries of textbooks and lectures.

Firstly, and yet most obviously what I’ve learnt as a Kings history student is … History! However, the study of history is not just an exploration of the past, it is also a journey reflecting on diverse human experiences across time and space. I’ve certainly noticed that Kings takes this commitment to diversity to heart, offering an undergraduate programme that goes beyond traditional narratives. If you’re tired of studying the same mostly western narratives (which believe me, I was too!) this programme is for you. I’ve learnt an incredible amount about global perspectives, cultures, from European to African to indigenous, understanding the interconnectedness of human experiences across the globe, and about underrepresented histories. I have come to understand the richness that comes from embracing a variety of perspectives. No matter what type of are of history you enjoy, King’s has got you covered!

Now as a history student, you’re bound to come across the term transferrable skills when hearing about your degree. But what does this actually mean? As a Kings student, studying history has allowed me to gain skills that can be used in diverse areas of work, and diverse areas of life. For example, through deciphering ancient texts or looking for scholarly material to support my work, I have gained masterful research skills. Juggling multiple historical periods and assignments has supported my time management. Furthermore, with the historical landscape being filled with enigmas, Kings has equipped me with the problem-solving skills fit for a historical detective. Lastly, Kings has transformed me into a critical thinker, capable of questioning assumptions, evaluating evidence and seeing the bigger picture. These skills that thus, transcend the academic realm have not only enhanced my academic journey, but have assured that no matter which profession I choose, I will have valuable skills.

As a kings History student, my journey through time has not only been intellectually stimulating, but a personal enriching experience (in other words, I often feel like I’ve hopped on a time-travelling rollercoaster). I feel at peace knowing the study of history has equipped me with incredibly valuable lessons which extend far beyond the lecture halls and have equipped me with a skillset needed in order to tackle any challenges lying ahead.

Written by Inaya Mushtaq, 1st Year History



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