A day in the life of an Arts and Cultural Management MA student

Being an Arts and Cultural Management MA student at King’s, not only do you get to study and learn, but you can also easily access all the fun stuff that is happening around London.

Lectures, classes and seminars

Strand Aldwych and Bush House

As an MA student, my course consists of lectures, seminars and workshops which are spread across the week. My classes are usually held on Strand Campus which is a 5-minute walk from Temple station.  I live in one of the King’s residences so the journey to school only takes about 30 minutes.

A typical day of mine usually consists of 1-2 hours of lectures and seminars.  Lectures are usually classes that last an hour where professors present on a particular topic each week, while seminars and workshops may last from 1-3 hours.  They are more interactive, and you have a chance to share your views on certain topics and on the readings that you have done for the week, whilst working on case studies with your classmates.

I really enjoy seminars as we have students from around the world and from different artistic backgrounds, therefore we bring to the table different views and perspectives which makes the discussions interesting and thought-provoking. Sometimes we also have industry experts that would contribute to lectures or lead our workshops.  For example, we had a lecture held by a representative from the Royal Opera House who shared her work and experience in fundraising, giving us insights into the creative industry.

In my own time…

Frozen the musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane

After classes, I like to spend some time studying on campus or hanging out with friends. Being a Master’s student, we do have a lot of readings and self-studying to do and I like to dedicate some time daily to keep up with the coursework.  I love that there are lots of nice places to study around Strand Campus. One of my favourite spots for studying is the Maughan Library. Although it’s a 10-minute walk from the campus, it has beautiful architecture and lots of seats and cubicles.  If you don’t want to make that walk, there are also loads of study spaces in Bush House and King’s building to study with your friends.

When I am tired of studying or craving food, I would sometimes grab a bite in the many canteens around the campus.  They serve all sorts of food and drinks and also provide vegan options.  Strand campus is also close to Covent Garden and China Town so there are also many restaurants nearby and you never have to worry about not finding anywhere to eat!

Out of the classroom!

After a full day of lessons, I love to treat myself by going to a West End musical show.  One of the perks of being on Strand Campus is that West End is literally at your doorstep! We have Mamma Mia! and Frozen the musical right outside Bush House and The Lion King around the corner.  What is better than immersing yourself in the wonderful music and choreography, awed by the stage effects and following the adventure of the protagonist after a long day?

By Jasmine Wong, Arts & Cultural Management MA.

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