A day in the life of a Digital Media & Culture student

Jiawen Mao, 1st Year Digital Culture Student

“Wait … Digital Media & Culture?” “What is Digital Culture?” When it comes to hearing about the Digital Media & Culture BA, many people may raise their eyebrows in surprise. The emergence of digital technologies has remarkably contributed to the launch of this innovative new course, which has since become more and more popular among prospective students. As I begin the second semester of my first year at King’s, I’m glad to say that I still have the same passion for it as when I first entered King’s. Digital Media & Culture covers a wide range of modules, such as new media, publishing, and big data, which have enabled me to explore a variety of interesting topics in the realm of technology and media. For me, I find the digital economy module particularly interesting as this module has helped me gain a relatively comprehensive and critical insight into how digital media has influenced the economy. The theory of the attention economy and its relevant practices have inspired me to shape my career choice in the future accordingly.


Based on my introduction, you must be quite curious about my experience as a Digital Media & Culture student! Here is how my day on campus generally unfolds:

  • Morning

My morning usually starts with a cup of coffee in the Arcade at Bush House. The baristas often make a lovely pattern in the top layer of foam, which not only refreshes me but more importantly, keeps me in a good mood all day. As long as I have my coffee, maintaining good attendance has never been a challenge for me.


After attending lectures in the morning, I am used to doing recommended readings in the computer room on the 4th floor at Bush House. King’s facilities are of high quality and I can check the availability of PCs via King’s app, i.e. King’s Mobile, in advance. Sometimes I also walk to the Maughan Library, which is only roughly 10 minutes’ walk from the Strand Campus. Due to my genuine interest in Digital Culture, I enjoy making my schedule flexible and focusing on my independent learning now, after settling into university.


  • Afternoon

I often have lunch in King’s kitchen at Bush House, which sells both Western and Eastern food, where the lovely staff always say “thank you, my darling” to me. Thanks to King’s central London location, it is convenient for me to eat out as well; Covent Garden is a food heaven in my eyes.


After lunch, I am all set to speak up in seminars. Each of them is comprised of approximately 15 people from all over the world and such an international academic atmosphere has definitely stimulated some informative discussions. From time to time, I collaborate with my classmates to give presentations, which has greatly boosted my capacity for speaking and teamwork.

Bush House


  • Evening

When I feel like my daily work has been productive enough, I am usually involved in societies and activities in the evening. King’s owns over 300 societies, ranging from the Art Society to even a Harry Potter Society. I am a member of the Strand Magazine, and I love writing reviews, designing posters and helping coordinate events. Additionally, I like attending interesting talks and screenings held by my department; King’s has a long history of research in Digital Humanities and I feel so lucky to belong to them.



Overall, I relish my colourful uni life and my current degree – Digital Media & Culture. Meeting people with the same interest in media as myself is wonderful; we cannot wait to explore the options which this course holds ahead of us!

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