A busy day at King’s: Follow my schedule in the last week of term

Hello everyone! My name is Britta, I study the MA Cultural & Creative Industries programme and today I would like to share some insight into my daily life as a King’s student.

I usually wake up between 7:00 and 9:00 on a weekday depending on the classes or meetings I have that day. Last Tuesday, I got up at 8:00 to get ready, eat breakfast and pack my bag for the day. Usually, I have coffee while going through my planner and writing down notes and to-do lists for the day. That ritual helps me map out the day and never forget anything important. Since I had a little extra time on my hands that day, I also decided to prepare a lunch that I could take to university with me. I often bring salads to uni because they are healthy, delicious and so fast to prepare. I hopped on the bus outside my flat to get to Strand Campus which takes me about 20 minutes.

I arrived at 10:30 for a student representative meeting. My fellow student reps and I regularly meet to discuss current issues and update each other on any information that might be important to our classmates regarding the department, faculty or general life at King’s. During this meeting, we particularly talked about planning an ‘end of year’ party for all our master’s students. We collected different ideas and distributed some tasks.

At 11:00, we all headed to our lecture theatre in the Strand building to attend the last lecture of our core module ‘Research Approaches’. The final session focused on summarising the learning outcomes and giving final tips for our dissertation projects.

Afterwards, my friends and I walked over to the cafeteria. While I had brought my own lunch, some of them bought their lunch or coffee at King’s or in the many food shops nearby. Every Tuesday, we usually start out as a big group of friends in the cafeteria and after we all had lunch some people go back to classes or the library and others spend their time catching up with each other. Since it was the last week of term, I did not bring any readings and decided to see the ‘Isle of Dogs’ exhibition about Wes Anderson’s new movie in the event space The Store X which is just a minute away from campus. My friends and I then decided to take a little stroll around Somerset House where we ended up looking through the bookshop.

We attended our final ‘Research Approaches’ seminar at 15:00. Everybody was excited to reflect on the end of the term, discuss the lecture and ask further questions about the assignments and the dissertation. After class, I decided to work in one of King’s fantastic study rooms where I often go to prepare coursework or do my readings. That day, I used my time to reply to e-mails and prepare an important meeting with my dissertation supervisor for the following day.

A couple of hours later, I met up with the Creative Career Student Committee of my department to prepare the evening event ‘Starting Your Own Venture In The Creative Industries’ which we had planned. As a member of the group, I helped to set up the room and check the attendants in. I enjoyed listening to our speakers Anna Lowe (Cofounder of Smartify), Laura Grzeszczak (Branding Department at MassiveMusic), Natasha Arselan (Founder of AucArt), and James Dellow (CEO of Soapbox Islington). The panel and networking were very insightful and one of my friends even secured an interview for an internship position at the event.

At the end of this long day, I walked home from campus at about 20:30 where I made myself dinner, watched some Netflix and eventually fell asleep.

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