How to Transform Inequality in Water

Next week, Dr. Naho Mirumachi will be giving a talk on “Water Conflict: Transforming harms and inequality in transboundary water management”.  She will be speaking at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. King’s Water and IHE have had long-term collaboration and we are excited that this event, initially postponed due to the covid pandemic, is now going ahead!

Date: 3 December 2020

Time: 11:30 AM-12:30 PM
Online: Contact for meeting link
Abstract: Dr. Naho Mirumachi will be launching her latest book, Water Conflict: Analysis for Transformation, published by Oxford University Press. She will discuss a new analytical approach that identify pathways to transform complex water conflicts. The approach’s starting point is on the harm experienced and ways to address it, rather than the benefits or advantages derived from transboundary water interventions, which may only be realized for some. The talk will illustrate the combinations of tools and multi-disciplinary lenses to challenge power asymmetries, narratives and discourses which block sharper focus on such harms. The book, written with co-authors Mark Zeitoun and Jeroen Warner, also demonstrates the collective intellectual footprint that the London Water Research Group has had over the years on analysing transboundary water conflict and cooperation.

If you can’t make this event but still want to know more about the book, listen to the podcast. The three podcasts, recorded by each of the co-authors of the book discuss the motivation and relevance of the book, unique analytical advances and case studies. Naho’s podcast covers ways to engage in the politics of water and poses a discussion of ways to envision alternative water arrangements that can serve to be transformative and more equitable.

London Water Research Group Podcast featuring Dr. Mirumachi