WaterWords is the blog of King’s Water, an interdisciplinary research group hosted by the Department of Geography, King’s College London. This dynamic group brings together the extensive experience and expertise of King’s faculty as well as a range of PhD and Master’s students.

Core King’s Water staff members include: Naho Mirumachi, Mark Mulligan, Margaret Kadiri, James Porter, David Demeritt, Alexander Loftus, Bruce Malamud, Tony Allan, Daniel Schillereff, Terry Dawson, Kate Schreckenberg, Mike Chadwick, Jane Catford, Majed Akhter, Katie Meehan, Tamsin Edwards, Daanish Mustafa, Rob Francis, Kris Chan and Emma Tebbs.

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King’s Water is an interdisciplinary group that works on the biophysical, political, socio-economic, developmental and institutional aspects of water resources and their management. Our work is international, with ongoing projects in Tanzania, Brunei, the Mekong, the Andes, the Amazon, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

In addition to the development of the concept of virtual (embedded) water, we have led the development of transboundary water politics analysis, water governance, aquatic resources and sophisticated spatial policy support systems for water resource and ecosystem service assessment.

WaterWords records King’s Water work, outputs, events and interactions with water issues around the world.

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For more information about King’s Water, please visit http://www.kcl.ac.uk/sspp/departments/geography/research/Activity-Hubs/Water/About-Us.aspx.

King’s Water. Leading the Flow of Water Science and Policy.