Okavango 2019: Exploring the unique delta

For the third year running, we’re off to the Okavango delta in Botswana as part of a river sustainability project funded by the PLuS Alliance.  With a group of staff and students from King’s, as well as fellow colleagues from University of New South Wales and University of Arizona, we will look at the socio-ecological challenges and opportunities of this unique river basin.

Daniel Ramsay tells us what he is looking forward to during this trip:

I am a master’s student currently studying MSc Environmental monitoring, modelling and management with a three-year background in studying BSc Geography, which has led to specific interests in exploring substantial environmental change over time using remote sensing analysis and the impacts future climate projections have on these landscapes.

I have further developed my skills within these fields across several modules King’s has offered this year including monitoring and modelling environmental change, ultimately leading to a drive and passion for further exploring a particular environmental landscape under threat for my dissertation research.

I have previous experience in this study field from research analysis with regards to studying environmental change across the Murray Darling Basin in South Eastern Australia using remote sensing techniques to assess the vast drying of one of Australia’s most crucial ecosystem resources for my undergraduate dissertation.

Using this previous experience motivated me to develop my master’s dissertation, which involves using satellite data to map wetland cover and change while using a hydrological climate model to assess the future changes across the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity thanks to King’s Water to travel to the Delta come July 2019, to further develop my understanding of the region first hand while also allowing for the collection of ground truth data which will supplement, support and give an accuracy for my desk-top research. I am hoping this exciting opportunity will provide me with not only great experience in developing my fieldwork skills but the determination in providing valuable research results for the people of Botswana in helping to preserve their one-of-a-kind heritage site