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What is Life Like in Kings Residences?

Post contributed by Julie, War Studies

Hi, my name is Julie from France. I am 18 years old, and I just finished my first year at King’s. I am studying War Studies, and all of my classes are at Strand campus.

When I arrived in London, I was still 17 years old. It was impressive to be in a huge international city, mainly because I come from a town in the South of France, which is not that big. I remember, it was like a dream, to be by myself not knowing anyone and having to get used to this new chapter of my life. This dream was real, and before I even realised, my life changed completely for the best. This first year was a fantastic year that I will never forget.

I stayed at one of the King’s residences taking care of under-18s. I was placed in an en suite, sharing the kitchen and the ‘living room’ with ten other under-18 students. In my opinion, the fact that everybody was around the same age made it easier to be well included and safe as minors. We all turned 18 at some point, but it did not change anything.

In that kitchen I met some amazing people who are now friends that I love a lot. Living with people is something unique, which creates links that will stay for a very long time. Since the beginning, we shared a lot of things, while respecting each other and our belongings. I think it is crucial to talk to your flatmates and establish some friendly rules to follow. Even if everyone gets along, it avoids potential conflicts. It allows everyone to live in a friendly environment, and that is why I have amazing memories in that kitchen. Every time one of us was celebrating his/her 18th birthday, we bought a cake and eating it all together. We were also organising movie nights or just little friendly parties.

If you just arrived, King’s activities, especially at the beginning of the year, are a fantastic way to meet a lot of friendly and kind people who can become your friends. Even after, throughout the year, in each residence, there are themed nights and activities to do. It is an excellent way to meet new people and free your mind from stress and anxiety.

Another thing that I appreciate being in one of King’s residences is having access to the BeActive program, which is free for students living in King’s accommodation. It is a friendly social part of King’s Sport organising events classes such as basketball, football, yoga, dance, pilates. The aim is really to enjoy and meet new friends there, no skills are required for anything. I even had the chance to be an Activator supervising the activities, and it was useful. I learned a lot of new skills and values!

If I had to tell you something before starting your first year it would be that: you don’t have to worry or stress about anything. This year was the best year of my life, being able to study what I like while living with amazing people. With some organisation, even if you have to study a lot, you can do so many things. You can be part of one of King’s societies, do exercise, do activities with other student and visit London, which is a fantastic city, especially in winter or at night it is magical!

I hope you will enjoy your experience at King’s.


Settling into life at King’s

Are you ready for move-in day?

It’s so close now, you can almost smell it! 

I’m Lukas, a second year Business student at King’s. Last year, I moved into King’s Residences, which meant moving away from home for the first time, so trust me, I know exactly how excited, nervous and maybe even a little bit apprehensive you’re feeling right now. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About the Positive Peers

Post contributed by Helen Kursten-Holmes, Positive Peer Supervisor

The Positive Peers are a student-led volunteer group that sits within KCLSU Wellbeing. We aim to enhance the personal and collective wellbeing of King’s College London students by giving evidence-based information to improve student mental health and wellbeing, sharing experiences and connecting each other with helpful resources. We organise a variety of interactive events and workshops throughout the year that all students can participate in. Through our projects and events, we seek to promote, support and celebrate the wellbeing of students at King’s and to create a healthier and happier community. The Positive Peers team is divided into 3 main strands, each led by Positive Peer Supervisors. The strands comprise of Peer Run-Support, Peer Health Education, and Engagement and Online Support.

The Peer-Run Support strand delivers one-to-one and group support for students experiencing mental health difficulties. This includes Positive Minds, a 4-week course to support students experiencing low mood and mild depression. We will be launching this course in November, so if you’re feeling a bit low and finding university difficult, you can attend our peer support group Positive Minds or reach out for a one-to-one chat with us. Alongside this, we also offer wellbeing checks where we interact with new students to support their transition to university and to highlight KCLSU Wellbeing resources and other essential services. During Welcome 2020, the Positive Peers spoke to over 100 new King’s students in our one-to-one virtual King’s Check-in sessions. These sessions were offered to new students to make sure that they had everything they needed to get started and thrive at King’s.

The Peer Health Education strand leads on education and outreach through delivering workshops and facilitating initiatives about mental health and wellbeing, online, on campus, in residence halls, and for specific student groups. This strand’s activities include wellbeing checks, Cooking and Conversation, which is a cooking workshop in partnership with King’s Residences where students learn a new healthy recipe while getting to know other students, and our 3 part programme, Thrive. This 3 week course gives students the support to learn strategies that can promote positive wellbeing and equips them with the tools and activities that can be included in their daily routine so that they can flourish. Thrive is one of our most popular courses and in light of the pandemic, we have been delivering it virtually. To join our next Thrive programme starting in November, sign up for it using our Eventbrite page.

The Engagement and Online Support strand runs the team’s digital outreach by creating accessible communications for all students (including those not on campus) to improve their wellbeing and promote the team’s activities. The digital team also creates the monthly Positive Peers newsletter, detailing our recent news and campaigns, upcoming events and wellbeing tips. You can read our October newsletter by clicking here. The team also writes blog posts for the KCLSU website and each blog post delves into a variety of wellbeing topics, tips and themes, our most recent one is Settling in at University. In addition to this, we have a podcast and lots of content on social media to help boost wellbeing and increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing events and concepts. For Wellbeing Week (2nd November – 6th November), we are organising a Positive Peers Instagram takeover of Project X’s Instagram and collaborating with Big Pitch Energy on a competition that will be open to all King’s students, staff and alumni, where you can win £50 and be featured on our newsletter. So, make sure you keep an eye out on our socials for more information about how you can take part!

We hope to see you at our upcoming events and if you have any questions, our inbox and social media are always open so feel free to get in touch.

Visit our website:

Email us:

Connect with us on social media:

Black Students Talk

Post contributed by Nkasi Stoll, 1st year PhD student, Department of Psychological Medicine


Black Students Talk is a new virtual weekly peer wellbeing support group run by us, for us.


Topic: Black Students Talk (BST)

When: Every Thursday, 3pm-5pm


Meeting ID: 988 6236 3294

Password: BPT20


What is Black Students Talk (BST)? 

BST is a peer support group that provides safe, supportive and therapeutic spaces for black* students to meet, share, learn, and manage our mental health & wellbeing at university.

BST online sessions are held weekly via Zoom. Each weekly session from 3PM-5PM and lasts 2 hours.

Why does BST exist?

As university students we experience complex academic, psychological, social, emotional and financial pressures. Black* students face specific pressures that often affect our mental health and therefore, our university experience and outcome.

BST x KCL was set up by Nkasi Stoll (Postgraduate student at King’s College London, IoPPN) and Yannick Yalipende (Postgraduate student at University of Bristol).

Nkasi and Yannick worked with the IoPPN Diversity and Inclusion team to set up this group due to their own experiences with depression and anxiety whilst studying at university.

What do Black Students Talk (BST) sessions offer?

  • one-to-one/group discussions using culturally relevant/specific psychoeducation
  • help accessing appropriate mental health services within the university and wider community
  • a ‘home away from home’ to connect with other black* students
  • visiting speakers from black mental health organisations
  • BPT resources designed and delivered by trained facilitators

Who is Black Students Talk (BST) for?

University students at King’s College London who identify as “black*” (African, Caribbean, Mixed heritage).

How do I attend the Black Students Talk (BST) sessions?

BST sessions are being held virtually. No need to sign up in advance. On Thursday at 3pm click the zoom link and enter the meeting ID and password (provided at the top of this email) to join the group. Email us on:  Find us on Twitter: @yyalipende & @NkasiStoll

KCL CF Wins National Award!

Contributed by Maddie Jammeh, Residence Manager at Great Dover Street Apartments

The prestigious CUBO RA Awards  is open to all Universities in the UK and Ireland. The award seeks to recognise the important contribution the Community Facilitators or Residence Assistants make to students’ wellbeing, and this year our very own Jessica O’Logbon is a winner!


Jessica is a medical student studying at King’s. Last year she was amongst some students from King’s who visited No.10 Downing Street and Parliament to help promote how BAME students can apply for medicine and diversify the profession.

I nominated Jessica for this award because I was able to observe her over the past two years working with new teams who had no knowledge or little experience in the Community Facilitator role.  She is very passionate in her work and worked very effectively with the ResiLife team to support students at Great Dover Street Apartments and other societies she pioneers within King’s.

Jessica is dedicated to student experience and enjoys her role as a Community Facilitator. She has demonstrated this through her continuous engagement and commitment with the residents and others.

Thank you, and well done!

How I started a business from my room in King’s Residences

Contributed by Konstantinos, 3rd year medical student

My name is Kostas, I am a medical student at King’s. 2018 was the year I started my own business called Student Essentials.

Don’t get too excited it doesn’t involve machine learning or artificial intelligence. It is a super simple business, yet it offers great convenience to our customers. We deliver all the essentials (like duvets, pillows, towels, kitchen items) to students when they arrive at their accommodation. It saves them time and money.

Looking back 2 years ago, I started from just having this idea and now my business is a recommended supplier of Bedroom and Kitchen Packs for King’s College London. I vaguely remember the period when I had just a couple of orders to having hundreds of orders going through our website. The reason for this is because it went by really fast, just a matter of a few days/weeks. I was the happiest person in the world when I received the first batch of samples from my suppliers. I had all different types of pillowcases, colours, pillow fillings etc on my hands to choose from. The only downside was my storage capacity, as I lived in en-suite single bedroom at great dover street apartments so all my friends started questioning how I was going to do this.

But that didn’t stop me from pursuing my goals. I knew this business had great potential and that students would benefit from this service. A few weeks later when I started getting hundreds of orders, it became apparent my bedroom could no longer be the place I store the orders. So I ended up renting a room at a big storage company and that changed everything. Things became much easier to handle now I had all the space I needed! Getting all this stock out in time for the student arrival was one of the biggest challenges. Luckily, I had the support from my two best friends that helped in delivering hundreds of bedroom packs to the students!

Although it is just me behind the business, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am now without the incredible support from my family, friends and King’s College London. Kings’ strategic vision for 2029 is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and that means I am (and even you if you want to become an entrepreneur) in the right place at the right time. Something that stood out to me, which you do not see often, is how willing the staff at King’s College London are to foster entrepreneurial ideas. I have had managers from residences spend hours with me discussing how best to launch my business, which is invaluable.

King’s Residences is a great place to start your entrepreneurial journey and I am thankful of the support King’s College London provided me with.

Apps to cure boredom

Apps to pass the time

Content Image

Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be all bad. The power of technology means there are millions of apps available to keep you occupied.

Whether it’s for mindless games or to train your brain to be more powerful, they’re ideal for times just like this. Below we’ve collated some apps to try out for various moods…


Houseparty | IOS/Android:  Combining video chat and quizzes, this is perfect for big groups
Monopoly | IOS/Android: The age-old classic has gone digital (less opportunity for cheating mind you)
8 Ball Pool | IOS/Android: Well, we can’t go to the pub for a quick game, so compete from your room instead


Luminosity IOS/Android: Challenge and improve your mind with a range of exercises and quizzes
Mini Metro | IOS/Android: A strategy simulation game about designing a subway map for a growing city!
The House of Da Vinci | IOS/Android: A bit different than the usual brain training games but with puzzles and mysteries to solve, it gets you thinking


Duolingo IOS/Android: Brush up on your languages ready for when we’re free to fly again!
Ted IOS/Android: Inspiring TED talks covering a host of topics, there’s no doubt you will learn something new
Khan Academy | IOS/Android: So many skills to learn and thousands of interactive exercises, videos, and articles at your fingertips


Glo IOS/Android: Yoga, Pilates or Meditation, whichever you prefer this has unlimited classes to choose from
Overdrive IOS/Android: Not got a kindle? Not to worry, Overdrive is stacked full of e-books
Colorfy | IOS/Android: Zone out and relax with some good, old fashioned colouring in


Happy Apping!

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