Post contributed by Senior CF Grace

Hello everyone! It’s me again, bringing you some slices of good news in an attempt to brighten up what has otherwise been a shambles of a year. Congratulations on getting through a year of the pandemic – you’re amazing! We at Resilife are here to support you. Join our team here.


  1. A true icon!


Wimberley (pictured above) is a gorgeous 82-year-old lady, who is dressing up in her Sunday best for her church services. Wimberley hasn’t let Zoom stop her from being badass, and neither should you!

  1. We are back and better than ever!


As of the 12th April, Londoners have been able to celebrate outside with pals. Whether you like a drink at the pub, or a meal out, we can wrap up warm and enjoy time with our friends again. I don’t know about you but for me it has been lovely to see the world opening again.

  1. 3-day weekend anyone?

Spain is the first European country to begin trialling a 4 day working week. Studies have shown that having a 4 day working week and a 3 day weekend improves employee wellbeing, productivity, and also reduces emissions. Sounds like a win win win win to me! Lets hope England catches on to this idea soon… If not I’m moving to spain, who’s with me?