Post contributed by Jasmin, Welfare Lead

I’m Jasmin, and I’m one of the Residence Welfare Leads here at King’s. Members of our team live on-site at each residence to provide welfare support for our student community. Moving into residences is a big change, even without some of the additional stresses we are facing this year, and it’s totally normal to be feeling worried or overwhelmed. Your wellbeing is really important and so we thought we’d share a bit about self-care!

What is self-care?

It can be really easy to get lost in buzzwords, so we’ll keep it simple here. Self-care is anything you consciously do to promote your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

What kind of things can I do?

Self-care is a personal thing and it looks different for everyone! It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming and regularly choosing an activity that takes 10 minutes or less can make a real difference. Action For Happiness have some great tips on their #SelfCareSeptember daily action calendar.

We’ve also listed a few ideas below, and you can check out the KCLSU Wellbeing Hub for activities, events and resources around King’s to boost wellbeing all year round.

  • Taking an online exercise class
    We all know exercise is physically good for us, but it can also give a real boost to your mood too! King’s Sport offer access to their BeActive program for free if you are a resident at King’s Halls. 
  • Listening to music
    Music can be a powerful tool for both relaxing and getting motivated. Whatever you choose to listen to, taking some time for your favourite music can help in making your new space feel a bit more like home. 
  • Doing something creative
    Spending some time on a creative hobby can provide the break you need to boost wellbeing. You might want to learn a new skill or practise an old one! If you’re looking for inspiration, keep an eye on the King’s ResiLife virtual events for their Creativity Nights.
  • Having a nice cup of tea
    Or any hot drink really – I’ve saved one of the simplest until last! Taking ten minutes to step away from daily stresses and relax.


About the Residence Welfare Lead Team

We’re a group of friendly, trained volunteers who live in the King’s Residences to support with student welfare.

Our duty hours are between 8PM – 8AM on weekdays and 24 hours on the weekend. We can be reached over text, phone or email and you can find our contact details around the residence as well as on our webpages here.