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Being a Re14368725_117077352085300_7655919667509799593_nsident Associate has helped me develop qualities and skills that will enhance my employability in the future. Throughout the role, I have built on my confidence and learnt to speak to people from all walks of life. I enjoy chatting to residents and feel confident being a hub of support.

In my spare time, the other Residence Associate and I enjoy cooking dinner for each other and inviting our neighbours over to eat with us! We enjoy going to Guy’s Bar most Wednesday’s to have fun and take advantage of the cheap food and drink. I take part in the BeActive Hall’s programme, attending free yoga classes every day and encouraging the residents within my hall to join me. It’s an enjoyable hobby that helps me destress after working hard as a nursing student.


Being a Resident Associate allows me to meet new people and throw events the way we as a team want to! My favourite events we have thrown for students were a tie-dying competition and any event involving pizza and beer. On the welfare side of things, nothing makes me feel like I’ve achieved something more than when I get to help students and point them in the right direction for the support they need. This job role has been one the hardest to do but also one of the most rewarding.

Jay Hamblett
BSc Adult Nursing (Final Year)
Residence Associate, Wolfson House