It’s National Pancake Day! Are you a sweet or a savoury pancake person? We’ve asked around the office in search of the best toppings.

Yasmin Mouftakir
Welfare Case Manager 

Favourite topping: Vegemite (a true Australian)



Mariam Zarif
Community Engagement Officer

Favourite topping: strawberries and Nutella!

Nutella  StrawberriesPancakes


Nicola Ball
Operations Assistant

Favourite topping: smoked bacon and maple syrup

Bacon Plus MSyrupPlusPancakes


Aminur Rahman
Reservations Assistant

Favourite topping: banana and Nutella!



Verdell Brookens-Capps
RA at Angel Lane

Favourite topping: Nutella with banana and strawberries


Nutella   PlusStrawberriesPlusBanaPlusPancakes


Elyse Langenegger
Marketing and Communications Manager

Favourite topping: ricotta cheese, honey and blueberries (fancy)


Blueberries   Plus HoneyPlusRicottaPlusPancakes


And the winner is… Nutella! As long as you have a jar of this in your pantry, you will definitely have a great pancake feast.