Call for papers

Call for Papers

The KSLR EU Law Blog hereby invites you to submit abstracts for blog posts on

 any area of EU law

 (including but not limited to judicial protection, internal market, external relations, financial regulation, data-protection, environmental policies).

Submissions covering any of the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • The future of the EU: reflections and reforms
  • The external dimension of EU policies
  • Protecting and enhancing the rule of law in the EU
  • EU State Aid control & Regulations
  • The Common European Asylum System and the Dublin System
  • The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and its application at EU and national level
  • EU Environmental law

We also invite submissions on:

  • Coverage of EU law-related events
  • Reviews of recently published EU law-related books as well as
  • Recent developments of EU case law

We are looking for 800 – 2000 words articles.

Please refer to our style guidelines.

Please send abstracts or full articles to, and

by 28 February 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The KSLR EU Law Blog Editorial Team

Book Review

Review of “The EU, World Trade Law and the Right to Food: Rethinking Free Trade Agreements with Developing Countries”

Giovanni Gruni, The EU, World Trade Law and the right to Food: Rethinking Free Trade Agreements with Developing Countries. Studies in International Trade and Investment Law series. Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9781509916207.

Ana Peres

International trade law does not aim only at promoting liberalisation and market access, and Giovanni Gruni book points out the importance of considering food security aspects when negotiating free trade agreements (FTAs). The comprehensive analysis finds its place among the body of work aiming at creating and spreading knowledge to bridge the gap between human rights and international trade law. The author impressive understanding of both areas of law offers a thoughtful and complete assessment of the rules negotiated by the EU in its FTAs with vulnerable countries, demonstrating, first, how the EU has the adequate tools to promote the right to food on the international trade scenario, and, second, how it fails to do so. The work adds, thus, to the debate over bringing international trade talks closer to non-economic issues, stressing the relationship between trade and development. In this regard, trade and human rights are compatible, and major trade powers should pursue a common ground when dealing with those topics.

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Article, Legal Procedure

Rule of Law enforcement in the EU: The Limits of the legal enforcement of Values

Jacob van de Beeten  

  1. Introduction

Increasingly, the EU is using Treaty instruments to enforce the common values of Article 2 Treaty on the European Union (TEU) – human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights – in recalcitrant Member States. With the adoption of the Sargentini report in the European Parliament, Hungary is now – like Poland – facing the Article 7(1) TEU procedure under which the European Council can determine the existence of a  “clear risk of a serious breach” of the rule of law. In response, Hungary has challenged the legality of the Parliament’s vote.

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