CALL FOR PAPERS – Developments of CJEU case law in 2010-2011 **SELECTED PAPERS**

KSLR European Law Blog hereby invites you to submit abstracts proposing to cover topics on developments of CJEU case law in different areas during the year of 2010 – 2011.


The proposed area may vary from procedural to substantial EU law, highlighting the most important cases in the sphere chosen. The articles resulting from selected abstracts will be posted on KSLR European Law Blog website

Please submit abstracts of no more than 200 words by 16 March 2012 to <> or <>.

Authors of selected abstracts will be informed by 30 March 2012. A full paper (1,500 to 2,000 words) should be submitted before 1 May 2012. The style guidelines may be found at

The call for papers is open to submissions from students and professionals from the UK and abroad.




After reviewing all the interesting abstracts submitted for the Call for papers on the Developments of CJEU case law in 2012-2011, we are pleased to inform that the following papers have been selected:

  • Ishita Das: “CJEU’s role in reducing discriminatory treatment: construing domestic law in tandem with EU law”
  • Eleni Frantziou: “Human Rights and the Scope of EU Law”
  • Emily Hancox: “Implementing EU law after the Charter of Fundamental Rights”
  • Bertrand Sautier: Commentary on the case CJEU C-34/10 dated October 18th 2011, dealing with stem cells based inventions
  • Andrea Usai: Debate on whether a separation between the prosecutorial and the adjudicative functions, which are now both held by the European Commission, could entail a more efficient enforcement in cartel cases.

We appreciate all the effort from all the participants that have submitted their papers and encourage them to keep participating with the European Union Law Blog of the King’s Students Law Review.


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