Why LinkedIn is valuable for your career


Should students really bother with LinkedIn?

As a prospective or fresh graduate, the world of LinkedIn can feel complex and daunting. LinkedIn is an online social platform that focuses on professional networking and career development. Knowing how to effectively utilize and leverage this site is vital not only for your initial job search but also the longevity of your career. LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for students and here are a few reasons why:


Build your personal brand: In a saturated grad job market, visibility and exposure are of supreme importance. When you’re job hunting, you are essentially trying to market yourself. Consider your LinkedIn profile as your digital CV. This professional portfolio allows you to showcase your skills, qualifications and experience. Having an online presence is key to you being spotted and recognised by recruiters and professionals alike.


Networking: LinkedIn is a great way for you to expand your professional network. Sometimes climbing the careers ladder is more so about who you know rather than what you know. By connecting with industry experts you can follow their career journeys. Use this source of inspiration to map out your own career path. By investigating their backgrounds, you can gain an insight into what it takes to get to a similar position. You can reach out and drop your role model a message asking to pick their brains about the industry. Through cultivating meaningful relationships, these industry leads can provide you with mentorship, advice and precious work opportunities.


Job opportunities: Think of LinkedIn as a search engine for jobs. You can use specific buzzwords and filters to match your job preferences. LinkedIn has become a popular destination for recruiters to list vacancies as well as headhunt. The jobs board section caters to a variety of professions and is updated on a regular basis. You can even switch on the ‘jobs alert’ toggle and receive a notification every time a new role becomes available. If you have a polished and comprehensive profile, you may find employers coming to you! This is why it’s crucial to continuously amend your account to include the most up-to-date, relevant and accurate information.


Upskill: ‘LinkedIn Learning’ courses give you the chance to discover and develop practical careers-related skills. These online e-learning classes are expertly led and can help you achieve both your personal and professional goals. On completion of the course, you may be accredited with a certificate that you can then add to your profile. By acquiring a new skill or refining an existing one, you instantly become more employable. As a member of King’s, your ‘LinkedIn Learning’ subscription is free – so be sure to make use of it!


What are you waiting for? Go set up your account on LinkedIn today!