What to do if you fail psychometric testing?

“It is entirely normal for candidates to fail on the first few attempts at many of the more popular tests.” Graduate Alexandra Toma gives her insights on the gruelling process of psychometric testing.

In this series, you can expect to learn more about: Psychometric testing, situational testing, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and what to do if you fail?

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If you are reading this article having failed a psychometric test and this has prevented, you from realizing a career goal, then take heart.

Failure does not mean that the company will not welcome a future application from you. Should you be successful at a later stage, once you are employed you will be judged by your performance on the job, not your past test scores, so it will not affect your future career prospects within the organisation.

If this happens to you, then ask the organisation to provide you with feedback on your score and identify the parts of the tests that you had problems with. Recall and note down the types of questions, how many were there and the level of difficulty. This will help you to assess areas where you need to practice more. It is important then, to be honest with yourself and try to assess what it is that you need to do in order to pass the next time.

You are not going to like to hear this, but you need to plan a programme of revision and improvement straight away, concentrating on what you are least good at. That could be either maths, English, grammar, analytical reading or anything like that.

Seek out sufficient practice material and get down to some serious hard work. Apply again as soon as you are able and, this time, attend fully prepared and confident in your abilities.

It will take courage and determination to try again and to keep working to improve yourself until you pass. But these are qualities of which you can be proud.

Typically, the strongest candidates cannot wait for the test to start. They work incredibly hard during the test and make every second count. They never forget why they are there, and they never give up.

And remember to let go. When something bad happens, not everything is the end of the world!

From now on, treat psychometric testing as the route to the career of your dream.