The best legal careers advice, bar none

We’ve got some interesting news for any non-Law students that are interested in pursuing a career in law. For the first time, you’re now also able to enrol onto the Law School Careers & Employability KEATS page!

Once on there, you’ll find it packed full of useful resources hand-selected by our dedicated Law Careers Consultants Kiren Gui and Helen Lovegrove, including presentation slides, Lecture Capture recordings, CV and Cover Letter advice, and the latest news from the sector. And once the Autumn term comes round, you’ll have access to their newsletters and information about the huge amount of legal-focused events taking place both on and off-campus, including Legal Week and the three day Law Fair (although it’s worth noting, some of these are for Law students only, so check the T&Cs!)

To access this, either follow the link or search for the module title “Law School Careers and Employability” on KEATS. And remember, we’ve got a whole host of other law resources (which will be getting a summer re-fresh!) available on our King’s Career Kit.