Our virtual careers services in 2021: Welcome to King’s Careers & Employability!

image of king's college london guy's campusWelcome to King’s!

This Autumn term, we see many differences and new ways that the university has adapted to welcoming students to a safe university experience. With this, you are starting a university surrounded by the virtual world: from your courses to your residences, your student’s union and student services… and now also King’s Careers & Employability!

As you start your university journey with eagerness to discover new interests, passions and experiences, you are also very much starting your career journey. But relax – that doesn’t mean that you should be looking at job boards at the same time as you only begin your degree!

What we mean by your career journey is really a journey of self-reflection. Who you are matters- and we are here to help you become confident about yourself and what you want to do after King’s.

To help you start your career journey, King’s Careers & Employability have a great array of events, opportunities and informative resources to help you maximise your time at King’s and learn about careers and employability. During Autumn 2021 we are excited to embark with you on the virtual university experience, and with this, our virtual careers service!

So how do you interact with a “virtual careers service”?

Here’s how:


Visit KEATS – Where you’ll find support & resources to help you build success

KEATS is King’s virtual learning hub, and King’s Careers & Employability’s virtual home for career support resources, e-learning courses, events and recordings, video courses and digital industry guides. Our KEATS pages support you to build success on your career journey.


Discover section for the start of your career journey

Starting from the Discover section, you’ll be able to explore who you are, what your values, interests and passions are and how these reflections can help you begin your career thinking. If you are at the beginning of your career journey, you’ll benefit from thinking a little about yourself and discovering the options your degree, as well as your passions and interests, offer.


Focus section for developing your KASE (knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences)

If you are a little further along and already got your mind on the next career steps, our Focus pages are a great way to develop your employability, support you in decisionmaking and help you make the most of your time at university.


image with the word action

Action section for everything you need to transition to your next steps after King’s

If you’re already set on your next steps after King’s, whether that’s a full-time job, further study, entrepreneurship or something entirely different, our Action pages are the hub to go to. You’ll find support with applications, interviews, assessment centre and transitioning to work, further study or entrepreneurship.


King’s Experience & King’s Internships – making the most of your time at King’s

On our KEATS pages, you’ll also get to explore King’s Experience Awards. KE Awards, which span areas such as Service, Leadership and Research, help you reflect on work experience, volunteering or academic experiences and work towards an official King’s recognition from your projects. You can also explore the King’s Internships portfolio and get to know some exciting opportunities and schemes to help you towards meaningful work opportunities, from work shadowing schemes to fast-track internships.




Visit King’s CareerConnect – Where you’ll find events, one-to-one appointments and vacancies

Where Keats is your go-to for preparation – learning all about careers and developing your employability – King’s CareerConnect is the hub where you’ll put yourself out there. From appointments to events, to meaningful work opportunities, you’ll be able to apply your learning and build success in your career journey in exciting ways.



Our events

As well as one-to-one support, King’s CareerConnect is the place to find our events – you can access the event calendar and find exciting career-related events such as our Discover Careers in – panel events (transformed from our popular career series to a virtual experience), Focus Festivals (our brand-new virtual career fairs, spanning many industries), along with various webinars, career workshops and many other exciting and educational events.


Image of people shaking hands

One-to-one guidance

Want to book a virtual appointment with us? We offer career guidance appointments, application advice appointments and even practice interviews, with the click of a button. These appointments are currently virtual – which means you only need your laptop or device!


Our vacancies

In King’s CareerConnect, you’ll also be able to access our vacancy board. Opportunities including part-time and casual work as well as internships and work experience roles are posted here and accessed only by King’s students and recent alumni. All of our opportunities are paid on King’s CareerConnect – and we’ll be here to help you through application and interview advice.

 CV Pathways, our exciting new CV Checker tool is now a part of King’s Career Connect. Helping you to be confident about your applications before sending them to employers, CV Pathways can be used any time of the day to receive feedback on your CV, including guidance on how you can make your personal CV even better.

We hope that you will enjoy our virtual careers service and explore all of the engaging content we have online for you, wherever you are on your career journey.


And to new students – welcome! We hope that your journey with King’s will be an enriching, positively challenging and memorable experience. After everything this challenging year has thrown at you, what is left today is resilience, tenacity and adaptability. And those are only a few of the employable attributes you already possess! King’s Careers & Employability wishes you best of luck with the virtual Autumn Term and we hope to see you at our events, drop-ins and appointments to support you along your career journey.


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