Opportunity Alert: Interested in civil aviation? Check out this bursary for a Thermal Power MSc!

Thinking about the next year and where you might be going towards careerwise? In today’s blog we are showing an exciting further study career opportunity in aviation and thermal power. The Fan Makers Bursary is currently available for applicants for the October 2021 intake!

Image of airplane - click on image to read the blog postThe following was provided to us by the employer:


Civil aviation delivers great social, employment and economic benefits worldwide. It has been a technology donor to many areas of human endeavours and is in a phase of transition to a green future.  Now more than ever, fresh perspectives from many different disciplines are needed to design a new generation of aero engines that significantly enhance the environmental features of air transport. The Thermal Power MSc, with its focus on this field where the UK is a world leader, continues to welcome science graduates (including Chemists, Mathematicians and Physicists) who have gone onto successful careers in the aerospace sector.

The Worshipful Company of Fan Makers, a City of London Livery Company established by Royal Charter in 1709, provides a bursary for the graduate Thermal Power MSc course at Cranfield University under Professor Pericles Pilidis.


Who can apply?

You need to be a graduate of a UK university and have received an offer of admission for the Thermal Power MSc. The bursary will cover the course fees of over £10,000 and will be awarded to a student who, without financial support, would not be able to attend this postgraduate course. Applicants should have an intention to work in the UK after completing the course to contribute to the aerospace industry in the UK.

If you are excited by the challenges of the civil aviation sector, then apply for the course as soon as you can; and if you need a helping hand with finance, please put your name forward to be considered for the Fan Makers Bursary!


For more information, please visit the bursary web pages.

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