New Year and King’s Careers – what’s to come in early 2021!

Let’s take a look at what the New Year will bring, with events from King’s Careers & Employability! Get your calendars – you won’t want to miss the exciting opportunities that are kicking off the January term at King’s!

Image of King's Careers Keats page - click to read blogWhat’s King’s Careers & Employability up to in the New Year? You can bet we have something interesting for every King’s student. Our upcoming career festivals, events and online resources continue to offer students fun activities to break from studies, an exciting dive into the world of careers and a chance to network and learn from industry professionals and King’s Alumni. All of our events are searchable on King’s CareerConnect. 


Welcome to King’s 2

During the January Welcome Week, King’s Careers & Employability are excited to take part and welcome students in again. We are hosting a session on 12 January as an Introduction to King’s Careers & Employability, so if you’re interested to know about our services as a whole, do join us for the casual session!


Internships and Placements Career Festival

Taking place from 11th to 22nd January, the virtual career festival is packed full of employer masterclasses, career workshops, and speed-meet sessions. We’re talking work experience, internships and placements – and it doesn’t matter whether you are still discovering your career ideas, focusing to narrow down your options, or taking action to a definite career path, the King’s Internships are bringing in a lot of exciting opportunities to learn about internships schemes, find opportunities and network with professionals online.

Get your new year off to a great start by learning about employability skills, getting involved in one of our internship schemes and meeting employers.


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Weekly career festivals with an industry and sector focus

Yearning for more? You’re in luck, because our Focused Festivals are back. With employer masterclasses, online networking opportunities and career resources to get you started on your career path in these industries, King’s Careers is excited to bring students the following virtual fairs:

  • Focus on Banking, Finance and Consultancy Festival (25 January – 29 January, found on KEATS and KCC)
  • Focus on Technology and Data Festival (1 February – 5 February, found on KEATS and KCC)
  • Focus on Government, Public Sector and Policy Festival (8 February- 12 February, found on KEATS and KCC)
  • Focus on China Festival (1 March – 5 March, found on KEATS KCC)


The Graduate Jobs Festival

Taking place for two weeks on the 15th of February to the 26th February, we’re bringing graduate jobs, opportunities, masterclasses and webinars to you. Get ready to be inspired about your next steps after King’s with support from King’s Careers & Employability.


What did King’s students think about our Focused Festivals in the autumn term? 

We gather student feedback on each one of our festivals, at the bottom of the KEATS landing page. We value and cherish student feedback as we want to continue learning about the best ways to bring virtual career learning to King’s students.

“The KEATS festivals were a centralised place for finding careers in the role I was specifically interested in. Also, these festivals increased my awareness. I now have a greater understanding of what possibilities are out there. This means I can feel more confidence in feeling there is a right match out there for more in terms of what I want from a career”