King’s Experience Awards | SOF Intake 1 opens on 17th January

The Student Opportunity Fund (SOF) is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. You will have the opportunity to create educational projects that will help with your career and personal aspirations. The fund will allow you to collaborate with other students and the wider King’s community to enhance your learning skills beyond the classroom. It is a great project to do to boost your employability and is something that you can discuss in future interviews.

Who is eligible to apply?

The SOF is is open to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.

We particularly welcome students from backgrounds underrepresented at King’s where 20% of the funding has been specifically reserved for Black students (including from Black African, Black Caribbean, Black Other and Black Mixed backgrounds). This has been implemented to address the specific disadvantages Black graduates face including the awarding gap and in graduate outcomes so students who are from a Black and underrepresented background may be prioritised, as well as students who are working in a group of four or more.

Examples of how grants may be used include: 

  • Volunteering
  • Research Projects
  • Courses
  • Conferences
  • Internships
  • Summer Schools (external)


How do I figure out the budget for my project?

When writing your application, you will need to communicate your budget and how you would use the SOF. This is so the demands of your projects and all the costs are understood. You may want to think about things like:

  • Is the project local or far away?
  • Who are the participants, or is it just you?
  • What direct costs does your specific type of project have?
  • Are there hidden costs which need to be planned for beforehand?

After you have taken time to understand your project and its costs, be sure to communicate these effectively in your application.

For more information, please visit the King’s experience SOF KEATS page. Good luck!