New year, new me? | How to get the most out of your learning style

Happy new year everyone, we hope you had a relaxing break and ready to start 2022!

Take some time to reflect on last year and how well you were able to stay on track and be productive. It is normal for productivity levels to vary but have you ever thought about what your learning style is? This can often be why you may experience a lot of unproductivity as you aren’t implementing a style that works for you. Some people are visual learners and others are auditory. Some people learn through doing and others prefer reading/writing to process information. Which one are you? Take a VARK quiz to find out.

Below are some tips on how to effectively work depending on your learning style.

Visual learners:

  • use mind maps
  • use coloured highlighters to colour code notes
  • use flashcards/study cards to recite information
  • take pictures
  • use clue words to recall important facts

Auditory learners:

  • say and read study material aloud
  • talking through concepts
  • listen to study material during “dead time” such as travelling to places, doing a food shop etc
  • with new processes, talk about what to do, how to do it and why it’s done that way
  • listen carefully to others

Kinesthetic learners:

  • practice by repeating motions
  • do things as you say them
  • write and rewrite to commit to relying on memory
  • use a hands on approach, using objects to facilitate learning
  • study in short time periods, moving around in between breaks

Reading/writing learners:

  • write information down and read back
  • write very detailed notes
  • translate visual information e.g. charts and graphs into words
  • write and rewrite material
  • use lists, bullet points and numbered paragraphs

How will this help with your career and job search? Through knowing your preferred learning style, you can prepare for jobs more effectively. For example, a visual learner might use colour coding to remember interview questions and answers whereas a kinesthetic learner might record themselves practicing, using hand gestures to remember certain information. This will put you at an advantage when in a job interview as you will recall information easier and come across more confident. Visit our preparing for interviews and assessment centre KEATS page to find more advice on standing out. To add, many of you aspire to be managers and in positions of power so understanding your learning style but also the differences between them, will help you to effectively lead and guide your colleagues.

So, do you want to reach your full potential? Figure out how to increase your productivity levels to ensure that when you are working or preparing for interviews, you are retaining information and being your most confident self.