King’s Edge: What’s it all about & how you can use your summer to #GetTheKingsEdge!

You may have seen this new programme promoted across King’s websites, socials and newsletters, but what is King’s Edge?


Given the circumstances over the last academic year, many students may be feeling they have missed out. Some employers had to pause internship schemes and other extra-curricular opportunities may have felt out of reach. Therefore, King’s have committed to investing in a new programme for summer 2021.

King’s Edge brings together new, existing, and expanded projects from across the college into one place to make it easy for students to navigate and find an opportunity that suits each student personally.


This summer, get the King’s Edge by taking part in a programme of:

  • Internships
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Languages courses
  • Events
  • Community organising
  • Academic support
  • AND much more.

All of the initiatives are designed to develop the knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences that we know employers value, while enhancing your connections at King’s.


Timeline of the programme and activities

King’s Edge is live and will run until the end of August, so you have plenty of time to sign up for an opportunity that suits you. However, some specific initiatives do have deadlines, so we would recommend taking a look at the website and making a note of the opportunities that interest you. Not only will these opportunities help you to enhance your CV, but they are also a great way to meet other King’s students and expand your networks.

However, you may be asking, what happens when I have completed these extra-curricular activities? How will they help me in the future?


Support to develop your employability

We want to support you to be able to identify what you are gaining from all the amazing extra-curricular opportunities and help you to articulate these to employers, so you stand out from the crowd.

We recommend completing our short course (also signposted on the King’s Edge website) to think about what knowledge, attributes, and skills you already have and add in those you gain on King’s Edge, so that later on in your job hunt you will be able explain to recruiters why you are perfect for their role.


King’s Edge is here for you – so start your search now and check out the website to #GetTheKingsEdge!