Interested in Government, Public Sector, and Policy? Review the events you missed!


King’s Careers & Employability hosts a multitude of events throughout the year to ensure that students are equipped with all the knowledge they need to make their career decisions. As part of that, we host a ‘Focus on…’ week in each sector. Our annual Focus on Government, Public Sector & Policy week was hosted from the 7th to the 11th of November. But if you’re interested in this sector and missed the event, fear not as all the events were recorded and can be found available here on KEATS!  

Some highlights of the week are: 

  • If you’re a student interested in finding a policy internship, Fiona Richardson and Andrea Cox, our resident Careers Consultant for Social Sciences and Public Policy (SSPP), provide all the need-to-know programs and resources that are available to you- including a nifty Internship Calendar for Social Sciences and Public Policy! They also divulge in how to approach speculative applications. 
  • Beckie Barlow, our resident Employer Relations and Development Advisor, also presented a Graduate Labour Market Update on SSPP. If you’re in need of extra knowledge to assist your career planning- this is for you as she talks about the changes in 2022 in this sector, what are the success profiles, and what skills employers are looking for. 
  • To listen to someone who’s been exactly where you are, sitting in the halls of King’s and looking towards their careers prospect, have a Fireside Chat with Michael Cornell. He’s a King’s alumni and currently a member of the Diplomatic Security Services in the US. 
  • But of course, if you’re not a student part of SSPP and you’re now interested in the sector, there’s multiple sessions addressing what careers are available and how you can break into the sector!  

Irregardless of what stage of your career planning you’re in, the event recordings will provide a great insight into Government, Public Sector & Policy. For more information about Government, Public Sector & Policy, take a look at our sector guides here! 

Other event recordings for the past two years are also available on KEATS.